FreeSwitch Technology: The Most Efficient Solution for Developing Robust VoIP Solutions


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With the continuous evolution of digital technology, the traditional methods of communication are being replaced by advanced communication systems. One of the most popular and widely utilized communication systems is VoIP. Over the years, VoIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol has transformed the way businesses used to carry out their day-to-day operations. VoIP technology is progressively replacing the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) as the voice communications infrastructure for businesses. We are going to discuss FreeSwitch Technology in this article.

How VoIP Technology Works?

VoIP technology makes use of a broadband internet connection to make phone calls, instead of using a traditional phone line. Unlike traditional telephony systems where the sound gets transformed into electric signals and those electric signals get transmitted via a network of phone lines, known as PSTN, the VoIP system works quite differently. In the case of the VoIP telephony system, the sound doesn’t get translated into electric signals. It rather gets transformed into Internet Protocol (IP) data packets. These data packets are then transferred through the Internet from one end to the other. Upon reaching the destination, signals are transformed into sound and the receiver can hear the speaker’s voice clearly, the same as a traditional telephone conversation.

Why Are VoIP Development Services So Popular?

To initiate voice calls using VoIP, users are not necessarily required to have traditional phones. The calls can be made directly through computers, laptops, IP phones, or a traditional phone connected to an adapter. Apart from the quality of calls, there are mainly two reasons that are responsible for the growing popularity of VoIP services:

  • The VoIP technologies used for the development of VoIP solutions are open source, which greatly reduces the cost of development.
  • The VoIP solution makes use of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for communication, which further helps in decreasing the communication cost.
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Though there are several VoIP technologies available in today’s marketplace for developing robust VoIP software, FreeSwitch is considered as the preeminent technology for developing any VoIP software.

Reasons Why FreeSwitch is the Best Technology for VoIP Development?

The FreeSwitch technology consists of a modular architecture that presents a scalable platform for creating a robust VoIP solution. It is an open-source communication software solution licensed under Mozilla Public License. Some of the key reasons to choose FreeSwitch technology for VoIP development services include:

  • FreeSwitch can easily handle voice, video, data, and other multimedia on a single platform without compromising on quality.
  • Written in C language, FreeSwitch-based software can run flawlessly on various platforms including Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.
  • FreeSwitch can support and handle thousands of concurrent calls including video calls with HD quality video and crystal clear voice.
  • The technology presents a scalable cross-telephony platform for creating customized VoIP solutions.
  • FreeSwitch is designed to connect the popular communication protocols and route the audio, video, text, or any other form of media. FreeSwitch solutions can be utilized to build up connectivity solutions such as conferencing, hosted PBX, IP-PBX, fax server, SBC solutions, and others.
  • The core libraries of FreeSwitch can be embedded with almost any application to transform it into a Softphone, PBX, Conference Bridge, or a custom telephony application.
  • FreeSwitch solutions present a flexible architecture which means that the users can scale up the solution to handle multiple calls at once and can also scale down the solution to use it as a simple Softphone or a personal computer.
  • Since FreeSwitch is open source, it gets huge community support from developers and engineers who are highly professional, skilled, and supportive. Developers who are facing any issues while developing FreeSwitch solutions can get quick support and solutions for their issues or queries.
  • Developers can use the custom FreeSwitch development to allow switching in their custom applications and they can launch it with any programming language.

Features of FreeSwitch Technology

Some of the key features of FreeSwitch technology that makes it different from other technologies include:

  • PBX default implementation
  • Voicemail
  • SoftSwitch default implementation
  • Support SIP Protocol
  • Support of multiple concurrent calls
  • Shared Line Appearance
  • Interoperates with many protocols
  • Call groups
  • Multi-tenant support
  • CDR, etc.


VoIP technology is undoubtedly the best and advanced system that is replacing the traditional telephony systems. It is considered as one of the most feasible telephony solutions of the future. Many businesses and customers have already moved to VoIP due to the exceptional features and benefits that this technology offers to the users. Besides, FreeSwitch is the most effective and efficient VoIP development solution. Using FreeSwitch, businesses are able to create scalable, highly functional, and robust VoIP solutions. If you are planning to build a VoIP solution, it is recommended to hire FreeSwitch Developers who are skilled and experienced enough in developing custom VoIP solutions to best meet your business requirements.

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