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Google Pixel launch event is no more rumors. Now they announced a whole slew of new hardware. I’m going to focus on the two most interesting pieces to me which are the Pixel 5 and the Pixel 4a 5G.

These are two phones that Google has been teasing for a little while, there have been rumors, there have been leaks and we finally know all the details.


To be honest these two phones are the most interesting phones that Google has put out in a long time. Like I loved the pixel 1 and Pixel 2 and I kind of started to fall out of love with the pixel brand.

Their flagship stuff there “a” series was pretty on point, but their flagship stuff has become increasingly less appealing to me and I think for a lot of you guys as well because of the price.


Pixel 5 vs Pixel 4a 5G

Price was always a big thing but if I had a wish list of things, I wanted pixels to have it would be like

#1 Better pricing

#2 Bigger batteries

#3 Wide angle camera.

Pixel 5 | Pixel 4a 5G

One word, they nailed it. The hardware this year looks so nice the pixel 5 is going to come in at $799 and the pixel 4a 5G comes in at $500.

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This pricing feels just right. I do want to draw your attention to a couple of things:

#1 The Chipset:


 It’s running a Snapdragon 765 G on both of these devices and it’s a chip we’ve seen on the OnePlus Nord.

This chip allows for better pricing on these new pixel devices and competitive on performance.

You’ll be able to tell the difference between a Snapdragon 800 series chip and the 765 G but it’s perfect for your day to day life.

#2 The Battery size:


The Pixel 5 has a huge battery compared to the pixel 4. The most amazing part I don’t know how they fit it like this is the pixel for this had a tiny battery in comparison from pixel 4 to the new pixel 5.

when you look at the size of these phones the pixel 5 is smaller and lighter compared to the pixel 4. Amazingly the battery is like 40% bigger than what was in the pixel 4.

This phone is 40% bigger battery in a smaller package, Such a cool thing.

This phone is 40% bigger battery in a smaller package, Such a cool thing.

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#3 Phone Back Panel


Another thing I want to draw attention to is the back of the phone:

#A Fingerprint Sensor:

it’s got a fingerprint sensor just like the pixel 4a.

#B Reverse charging:  

 It is an aluminum back yet somehow it has wireless charging. I don’t know how they’re doing it. like clearly, it’s some kind of magic going on because I have not seen another phone that could be charged wirelessly through an aluminum back panel.

#4 Ultra wide Lens:


It’s pretty crazy the other thing is that new ultra-wide lens. I’ve always liked ultrawide lenses on my phones like ever since that first LG phone did it.

I just love it like just about to capture more stuff it’s just the type of photos that I take maybe just a lazy way of doing things you know shoot wide and then crop later but it’s awesome.

#5 Headphone jack:


Pixel hell, yes finally they did it. In the 2020 Era, they have the most favorable headphone jack.

#6 Design:


#A Camera:

I want to see what Google is capable of when you take a good ultrawide sensor and you pair it with software. that’s built Google’s camera system, it’s going to be as good as it capablae too.

#B Storage:

Now, we have 8 gigs of ram on the pixel 5 and 6 gigs on the pixel 4a 5G. Both come with 128 gigs of storage and the hole punch camera is available on-screen on both.

#C Notch


The pixel 5, you will notice that,

There is also a nice change in google pixel 5 compared to the previous pixels like some of those had huge notches and now the bezels around the whole thing are symmetrical like the top bottom left right there all evenly bezel led. which I think is a nice look.

Also, wanted to bring in your notice that Pixel 4a 5G has the bigger screen at 6.2 inches but it doesn’t have fast refresh so at 60 Hertz.

#7 Price:


We did lose face unlock of google pixel 5 because they got rid of the project solely on the pixel 5 so the only way you can get in there is through a fingerprint sensor. There’s no more facial recognition but I think it’s a fair trade considering everything you’re getting for $700.00.

Here’s the thing, at this price point of $700.00 the competition is different it’s not like what the old pixels were competing with like right now.

I feel the closest thing out there is like the Samsung S20 fe, I feel like this is a strong competitor to the pixel 5 but they are different:

Pixel 4a 5G: worth buying


Pixel phones had a tough time carving out a niche for themselves and they were so dependent on their camera.

Now, things have been changed. The product brings them in competition: in price, the battery, ram management, OS, refresh rate, screen size, and everything like so much more.

it’s so much more competitive this year and they have made their position clear. I recommend Pixel 4a 5G in both.

1. Is it worth to upgrade from old Android Phone?

Yes, you should definitely experience the combination of Google’s hardware and software combination.

2. Which one better in Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5?

This might be a personal opinion, I recommend Pixel 4a 5G whereas:
a. Same Chipset
b. Larger display
c. Headphone Jack
d. Low price ($200 difference)
a. No Reverse charging
b. No Smaller Battery

3. Should I wait for this?

Yes, definitely worth to wait as this will available very soon depending upon your locality.



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