Garden Bed: Inexpensive Ideas for Raised Garden Bed That You Can DIY


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Every person who is fond of gardening knows how hard it is to protect our small precious green plants from unwanted weeds and intruders. However, along with time, many things came into existence to aid people in protecting the garden plants. The garden raised beds or garden boxes to act as a barrier to protect your plants. Also, there are ample benefits of using the garden design DIY kits for creating garden bed.

You should never go for expensive ideas as they can lead you to land in trouble. Therefore, you need to adopt some of the inexpensive ideas for the raised garden beds. Here are some of the ideas that are easy to use and save your costs. Read along to gather more information in detail!

Tiered Designing

Finding the right design idea for your garden bed is a bit of a hassle. However, if you are looking for an idea that takes less of your space, then go for a tiered design garden raised bed. In this design, the garden bed is at a great height with two shelves.

The below shelf of the table is for placing the garden accessories according to your choice and convenience. On the other hand, the garden bed is on the upper level, so it will be at a perfect height to protect it from the weeds or unwanted growth of plants.

Vertical Garden Pyramid

Vertical gardening raised beds are gaining popularity, and there is nothing for which you feel surprised. This method is one of the easier methods to maintain your house plants. On the other hand, harvesting with this method comes in handy, and it comes with a healthier bounty. If you are looking to adopt the vertical gardening method, consider using the garden pyramid idea as a great choice.

You only need to be mindful of the compound angles while cutting the plants. This also requires a person to have some working skills, so you need to try some practices using scrap metal sheets, and your pyramid supplies would not be wasted. It is one of the prime methods adopted by gardeners to avoid the growth of unwanted weeds.

Reused Masonry Raised Garden

Do you have a large number of blocks and masonry staying around your house without any use? The best way to use them is to get in touch with an expert and collect the waste. But not all the blocks are waste as you can use your garden design DIY kits to create something unique. Yes, you can create a garden raised bed out of these empty blocks.

All you need to do is have a shovel, 4′ board, and a rake to start with the garden bed. You need to note the space you have for the different herbs you are considering planting in your house. Every herb comes with a varying space amount for the optimal growth of plants, and it can be an invasive method of gardening. So, add a glimpse of beauty and decor to your garden with such unique garden bed ideas.

Beautiful Framed Garden Trellis

Expanding and utilizing your garden space is a must if you want to enhance the look of your garden. Your garden doesn’t have to have space to increase the space diagonally. In that case, you can consider adding the space upwards.

It is not only a great decorative option for your garden but also helps in growing pole beans, peas, tomatoes, and other sorts of climbing plants. This raised bed garden designing idea would turn out to be a gorgeous addition to your outdoor area. All you need to have is metal sheets and thin ropes according to your preference to match the outdoors’ contour.

Ensure the garden bed created by metal sheets and rope is strong enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions. These garden beds help the climbing plants to nurture and grow in a much better way.

Apartment Style Garden Bed

It ain’t possible for everyone to have a wide garden to fulfill your desire to grow different plants. In those places, you can go for an apartment-style garden bed and place them on your balcony or extended windows. If you have strict HOA guidelines or reside in an area where you do not have much space for a yard, then undoubtedly go for these plant gardens.

This garden bed is a custom bed made for watering the plants with the inserts present on the bottom. These inserts are present at the bottom, where the plants can absorb water. So, get your garden bed designed at best with this idea and add a glam look to your apartment.

Interlocked Adjustable Metal Planter

It is one of the preferable planter kits or garden design DIY kits that is common in households. Hence, the height of this planter can be adjusted according to the size depending on the needs of the person. So, if you have a large garden and want to utilize it for creating a better space, then go for the interlocked adjustable metal planter.

It would be better if you take the assistance from an expert and get a buying guide to purchase the products according to your preference. Their instructions can help you build this raised garden bed that is a perfect fit for your garden.

Get a Modern Raised Garden Bed Look

Are you finding the best raised garden that enhances the look of your garden and avoids the growth of unwanted weeds near your plants? The write-up attempts to throw light on some of the tips to make DIY garden raised beds. At Vego Garden, we can help you to amplify the look of your garden by redefining the way your garden bed used to look earlier.

With over two decades of experience designing and utilizing eco-friendly materials, we can create the raised garden beds. Also, with our garden design DIY kits, you can create a glam-looking garden bed design. To know more about our services in detail, hook to our website now!

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