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General Mark Milley Confirms Trump Never Issued Illegal Orders Following 2020 Election


In a recent interview with ABC’s Martha Raddatz, General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during Donald Trump’s presidency, provided insights that challenge some of the narratives surrounding the former president’s tenure. Despite reports of tension and disagreements between Milley and Trump during that time, the general confirmed that Trump never issued any “illegal orders.”

Milley acknowledged that he had been critical of Trump on several occasions during his tenure, and there were even allegations of secret communication with China, which fueled speculation about his loyalty. However, in the interview with Raddatz, Milley made it clear that Trump’s orders were within the bounds of legality.

During the interview, Raddatz questioned Milley about his concerns regarding the events of January 6, 2021, when the U.S. Capitol was breached. She asked if he was worried about a similar incident happening again. Milley responded confidently, stating that he was not nervous about it and explained that his extensive combat experience had shaped his perspective.

Raddatz further pressed Milley on whether he feared a repeat of the January 6th events, to which he expressed his unwavering confidence in the strength of U.S. democracy and the resilience of its institutions. He emphasized that the United States would prevail, and the rule of law would be upheld.

General Mark Milley Confirms Trump Never Issued Illegal Orders Following 2020 Election
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Additionally, Milley cautioned against falling into the trap of believing that current times are the worst in American history, referring to the “conceit of the present.” He asserted that America would emerge stronger from its challenges.

In a critical moment of the interview, Raddatz inquired about Trump’s actions after the 2020 election, asking if there were concerns within the military about Trump’s efforts to remain in office despite Joe Biden’s victory. Milley stated that while he had argued for alternative courses of action at times, he had never received any illegal orders from Trump.

It’s worth noting that General Milley’s statements in this interview contradict claims made by some on the political left who labeled Trump as a “dangerous dictator.” Milley’s confirmation that Trump never issued illegal orders or violated the U.S. Constitution underscores the importance of adhering to facts and avoiding hyperbolic narratives.

In conclusion, despite the strained relationship between General Mark Milley and former President Donald Trump, Milley’s recent interview with ABC News provided clarity on Trump’s actions during his presidency, emphasizing that Trump never issued illegal orders, contrary to some accusations.

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