Glass Printing Machine and its Techniques


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Overview: Glass Printing Machine

Digital printing on glass has been an emerging technique since the mid-1990s. This technology of printing digital images on the surface of otherwise flat glass has revolutionized the art printing industry. Digital ceramic printing overcomes the limitations of previous printmaking techniques by allowing printing directly on the material being printed. It is also capable of printing highly complex patterns and designs on nearly any surface including metals, ceramics, plastics, wood, textiles, leather, fabrics and many other types of surfaces. We are going to discuss about “Glass Printing Machine” in this article.

Method to produce colors

Unlike most printing techniques, digital UV flatbed printer can produce colors directly on the material being printed. This is achieved through a combination of heat and digital ink that fuse on the top layer of the material with the help of a special laser. The resulting digital images are then electronically printed on the top layer of the material thus resulting in the generation of a color image on the target surface. Like all other digital printing(Glass Printing Machine) on UV-resistant materials, this technique also employs inkjet inks.

Two methods popularly used in Glass Printing Machine include UV coated printing and fused in printing technologies. Both these techniques utilize similar techniques for producing the desired images. However, their effects and speeds may vary as per the quality of the digital image and the type of coating employed. In addition, both these two methods can be executed using single or multiple colors depending upon the final results. Most commonly used uv coated printing technology employs single colors but some experts use blended in printing technology that prints images in shades of gray.

Methods employed in digital printing

A number of companies offer professional printing services tailored to meet the printing requirements of glass manufacturers and clients. Glass companies can obtain high quality digital printing from most reputable glass processors. This ensures that prints are produced with high quality and consistency even after the glass has been finalized. Some of the common methods employed in digital printing on glass include dye sublimation, direct imaging, thermal imprinting, flexography, lamination and cold roll coating. These methods are used to reproduce fine and medium-sized glass items such as bottles, vases, dishes, crystal pieces, tiles, labels, signs, license plates and many more.

With the advent of new technology and the introduction of new technology related products, customers are increasingly demanding cost-effective and speedy processes to get attractive and striking glass surface designs. As a result, there is an urgent need to adopt advanced methods of printing glass. Customers can now fulfill their desires by depending upon a number of highly acclaimed service providers who offer functional and economical printing solutions to meet specific demands of individual customers and commercial applications. This enables customers to print images on highly durable and long-lasting glass products. It also enhances the durability of the printed surface designs and ensures long-term functionality.

Closing Notes: Glass Printing Machine

There are many printing companies in the market who offer services such as manufacturing custom artwork on glass, sign printing, letter head labelling and decorative signs, substrate designs and surface designs to suit specific business requirements. Depending upon the requirements of the customer, the printing(Glass Printing Machine) company can provide customized and personalized solutions. They take help of state-of-the-art tools and technologies to create highly intricate and fine-looking glass products. They also offer UV coating to safeguard the printed surface from fading and damages. Thus, customers can use highly durable and long-lasting printing products to create dynamic and creative designs.


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