We’re still at the very beginning of the season, so top performances are expected. Right in the heart of Berlin, Heidi Klum puts her top model candidates to the test. Before the magnificent building of the Bode Museum, a shoot in a tutu should be mastered, which requires more than just a basic level of physical awareness.

After the girls in the previous episode in the extravagant looks of designer Marina Hoermanseder were severely restricted in their movements, this time they have to be particularly agile for the top dance. “The girls should learn body tension and discipline. I’m curious to see who will manage to stand out through elegance and extravagance, ”says Heidi Klum in the third episode of“ Germany’s Next Top Model – by Heidi Klum ”(Thursday, February 18).

Photo shoot: Swan Lake or Schwankelfee

During the photo shoot, the GNTM ballerinas stand in front of the camera in pointe shoes. Here there are clear differences among the girls and since some of them still have problems walking even in high heels, it is not possible without intensive preparation. In the dance hall of the Friedrichstadtpalast, the girls receive a crash course from the ballet director herself, which is supposed to teach them the basics of technique as well as strength, agility and the sensitivity for accuracy. Those who love to dance have a lot of basic requirements, but of course it gets uncomfortable anyway. Even the simplest poses are painful, but you shouldn’t see it in the face of a dancer or a model. Mareike and Alex have great difficulties in this new world of anatomical challenges, which is immediately noticeable in their motivation. The development of the candidates is always so important to Heidi.

The girls are photographed in a top duel. Two ballerinas à la Swan Lake compete against each other in a pose, the better girl can look forward to a march through to the next round. In the end, there are 11 young models left to prove again on the catwalk.

Nightmare on runway during the decision walk

Dark events await the girls on the catwalk. For the final decision you not only have to run beautifully but also use acting talent. After a short nightmare sequence, they should float expressively over the catwalk. It is not easy to appear professional and convince Heidi with her emotions. The duel-winning group from the ballet shoot can watch the show relaxed from the couch.

Choreographer Nikeata Thompson, who this time also takes a seat next to Heidi Klum as a guest judge, supports the colorful team in the implementation of their catwalk performance. Mareike is delighted and hopes for a positive outcome after the ballet disaster. Let’s see who can keep their nerve in the end and move on to the next round.

Nana has danced out

For Nana, the decision turned into a nightmare, she could not inspire the jury enough with her performance and therefore has to leave the troupe. Friend Liliana, who is always so confident, breaks down in tears

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