GNTM 2021: The big makeover – who has to lose their hair?


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Tears , joy and pure despair during the big makeover in the model loft. The highlight of every GNTM season again promises pure emotion. In no other episode are the top model candidates are electrified. Even though you know what to expect ,you don’t know in the least what to expect. For many it’s pure horror.

New this year: the candidates watch live while the other girls get under the knife. The nerves are on the edge, nothing makes the pulse soar than wild speculation and pankimache within a group of screaming femininity. Everyone tries to keep calm with their own strategy.

“I don’t know what you’re doing with my hair. I’m really scared that they’ll cut them off completely and make me look like a guy. Now it starts, now the day has come “, top model candidate Dasha expects a radical cut. “My hair means everything to me because I really take care of it and take good care of it so that it grows. Years of work could be in vain with one cut, ”worries the sensitive Ana.

Amina has to be the first on the chair, she is excitedly planning how she would deal with a short haircut: “I’ll just put in extensions!” to have. I didn’t cut it anymore because I was hoping that I would get this far. I’m super excited now. “

As is so often the case, Heidi’s personal stylist, Wendy Iles, is responsible for the radical cure. Together with the boss, she carefully selected the optimal look for the models: “In order to stand out or stand out as a model, especially at a competition, a unique look through styling, a haircut or color can help. Not only to emphasize the personality, but also to get to know new sides of oneself. ”The upcoming change is causing the top model candidates a headache.

Photo shoot and runway challenge in one

As soon as the girls have more or less come to terms with their optimization, it is necessary to concentrate and focus on the competition to get to the next round. Star designer Christian Cowan ensures extravagant glamor on the catwalk with his designs and supports Heidi Klum as a guest judge in the decision. “Today we’re doing a ‘two in one’ fashion show and photo shoot,” explains Heidi Klum to the top model candidates, “and you have five seconds for the shoot.” To survive here, spontaneity and strong poses count.

“Germany’s Next Top Model – by Heidi Klum” – to stream on Thursdays at 8:15 pm on ProSieben, Fridays at 8:15 pm on sixx and anytime on Joyn

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