Goa Weather: Some Tips on Enjoying the Goa Weather


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Goa is an erstwhile Dutch colony. It was here centuries back that Portuguese sailors made the first recorded observations of the Goa weather. Since then, the state has been in a state of consistent development.

The tourism infrastructure in Goa is amongst the finest in India. The pristine beaches, churches and temples, wildlife sanctuaries and rich flora and fauna are only some of the main attractions that attract thousands of tourists from all over the world.


The optimum climatic condition of the place is a mild one with occasional breezes. Springtime is the best time to visit Goa. In fact, it is the best time of the year to visit this beautiful place as the average temperature during the spring is 19.5 degrees Celsius, which is much cooler than any other part of India. The coolest season is August September.

How To Access The Airport

The airport in Goa is located at Anjuna. The airport can be easily accessed by either car or by rail. Public transports such as buses and taxis can take you almost everywhere. Taxis are quite affordable in this place and can help you reach the heart of the city in a very short time. Hiring air conditioning units will definitely make your trip more pleasant.

Nightlife And Culture

The nightlife in Goa is quite popular among both foreign and Indian tourists. The nightlife of the place is characterized by high alcohol consumption and bars/ pubs that are open all through the night. During the summer, however, the streets are empty save for a few cars displaying colorful lights. The best time to visit Goa during the evening is between December – January when the temperature goes down to normal and the beaches are not as crowded.

Climatic Condition

Humidity is the most important factor while dealing with Goa weather. So, it is advised that you should dress in proper clothes to keep the temperature moderate inside the house. Also, since the temperature at night is lower, it is better to stay inside the house during the night and enjoy the cool breeze of air conditioning.

Since the air conditioning unit is available in many hotels, renting it becomes easy. Just a call to the hotel and the rental company will give you the details about renting a suitable air conditioning unit in Goa. Once you get the exact specifications of the room or rooms, you can then start calling the rent providers and order one for your room or rooms.

Closing Notes

If you want to enjoy the summer, you can go for a small room. But, if you have a large family with kids, it is advisable that you rent a large room as there will be a risk of the kids getting wet with the water from the swimming pool.

It is good to prepare a list of emergency solutions for the weather so as to avoid problems. It is also important to prepare yourself for a rainy season as it might increase the chance of having fun, but it can also bring bad news like mud, water, bugs and mosquitoes in your life.

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