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Godzilla vs. Kong is a highly-awaited sequel to the classic Godzilla films. Famed animation expert Yoshiaki Kawajiri returns as the director, working with his long-time friend Tetsutaro Suzuki on the project. With an all new set of CG (Computer Generated imagery) backgrounds and additional visual effects, Godzilla vs Kong create a fresh, sci-fi take on one of the classic Godzilla films. When giant monsters run amuck, the stakes get high and only the might of a devoted Godzilla fan can put an end to it.

Produced and written by the late Godzilla producer Tetsuro Araki, Godzilla vs Kong take place some five years after the end of the Godzilla movie series. The world has changed considerably since Godzilla’s last big-screen outing, so this time around, it’s up to the King of the Monsters to help humankind to prevent the destruction of the world. While humanity tries to wipe out the monsters and take back the world once and for all, ominous warnings remind the humans of an impending attack by something even larger and more destructive than monsters-a rogue nation that wants nothing more than to absorb the world’s energy. When Godzilla makes his debut, he sets up a collision course with the creature and the stakes are raised for humankind.

The plot: Godzilla vs. Kong

The plot sounds simple enough, but in Godzilla vs. Kong, the scope is much bigger than we’d expected. In fact, the movie isn’t even set on Japanese soil, as the lead characters travel to Hong Kong and confront the evil Ma Tong. This giant menace is half snake and half human and has plans for the world as well as its own species. What makes this encounter even more dramatic is the fact that the Chinese Government (called the Boxerilla), previously believed to be the good guy in the story, has secretly allied itself with Godzilla to defeat the evil. Although we’ve come to consider Godzilla as the father of Toho’s Godzilla, the real story revolves around a Chinese plot to absorb Godzilla and gain the globe-consuming monster for their own species.

As you can imagine, this causes a chain of events that completely changes the balance of power between Godzilla and Kong. Not only do the humans and their allies have to contend with a nuclear-powered foe, they also have to contend with an equally powerful, biologically altered giant reptile with the ability to turn into a nuclear-powered menace. Add to this the otherworldly quality of Kong, and suddenly the odds against Godzilla look a lot slimmer. Godzilla vs. Kong gives the movie-viewer a fascinating window into the nature of giant monsters, and the incredible power of the human imagination. If you haven’t seen the Godzilla vs Kong trailer, there’s no better time than the present to view it!

Kong’s unique fighting: Godzilla vs. Kong

Of course, just because the Godzilla vs Kong trailers give us a good look at Kong’s unique fighting capabilities doesn’t mean that he will be any less formidable when the big screen enters your theater. Indeed, Godzilla vs Kong represent a true evolution of Godzilla in scale and strength. The Godzilla of the Godzilla vs Kong show may be bigger, but the giant reptile shown in the film is no pushover; and with the use of his atomic breath, no man (not even Godzilla himself!) is safe from his fiery breath.


A Godzilla vs. Kong vs Aircraft Carrier battle offer a perfect opportunity for fans of both movies to step back in time to relive the wonder of Godzilla’s roar and the thunder of King Godzilla. Imagine the sight of towering metallic skyscrapers crashing together as Godzilla destroys whatever military formation tries to oppose him. It’s a feeling that will stay with all of us long after the theatres have closed and the new movies begin. A Godzilla vs. Kong Aircraft Carrier Battle makes the most of the opportunities presented to us; the Godzilla vs Kong Experience puts the giant king of destruction into the screen and brings a completely new aspect to the Godzilla films we are used to seeing.


FAQ: Godzilla vs. Kong

Who can beat King Kong?

Kaiju. The king of monsters and any of his friends will wipe the ground with King Kong. Kaiju are a complete group of giant monsters that vastly outmatch Kong according to their massive size benefit alone. And we are not talking the contemporary 100+ meter tall Godzillas or enormous enemies such as King Ghidora.

What is Godzilla’s weakness?

Godzilla is slowed down from the cold, and in certain movies he’s helpless to power. Godzilla has been murdered by his own doing, such as he pushed his body went into much entering Critical Volume that is what killed him Godzilla

Is Godzilla stronger than King Kong?

With both Godzilla and King Kong come from the same monster-of-the-strengthen-earth genre, it’s only natural that they’d have similar effects on viewers’ palates. However, whereas King Kong has often been compared to the giant lizard as a creature, particularly in respect to its physical features (especially its distinctive long tail and how Godzilla matches this trait), Godzilla is often referred to as the King of the Monsters. This is perhaps because it was, originally, a monster that would overtake cities and eat living things. Like King Kong, Godzilla’s three films have consistently sold well at the box office, but what makes Godzilla more powerful than King Kong?

Will Godzilla win in Godzilla vs Kong?

Well, the big question now is how much more massive than usual Godzilla will be in the film. Certainly, the island will be much bigger when compared to the original Japanese film, and there will definitely be some visual effects that are awe-inspiring. However, Godzilla fans will surely not be disappointed with the size increase, because this is what makes the kaiju so beloved in the first place. On the other hand, some people may bemoan the loss of the tail on Godzilla, but the truth is, this iconic monster would have made for a very exciting standalone Godzilla movie, and I’m sure Toho would have given them the okay to make such a move. Instead, we will just have to hope that this epic sci-fi clash will be as equally entertaining and epic as the original Godzilla vs. Kong. If they succeeded, Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures could have produced a classic monster film, and it could easily rival the other Godzilla films up until now. Who knows? Maybe in the future, King Kong will have his own spin-off film, or he may even get his own spin-off monster from Godzilla vs. Kong.

Who won King Kong vs Godzilla?

From the first Kingu Kongu tai Gojira (1962), it was rumored at a point that King Kong wins from the American version also that Godzilla wins from the Japanese edition. But, these proven to be untrue: Kong wins in both variations.

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