Two Steps to Ensure Google is aware of your website


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Google Search gives convenient answers and provides information to its users through an exact procedure. This SEO process is known as Indexing. It lets Google determine the content, relevance, and importance of each webpage on a site. I believe that the management of this is the most crucial aspect of SEO. You may follow all the best SEO techniques; however, If Google does not crawl your site, it will not be displayed on search result pages. It is essential to ensure that your website is crawled, indexed, and rendered every time you change your website. Understanding what Indexing, crawling and rendering are crucial to completing the Indexing process because it lets you know the importance and effectiveness it could be for your visitors and the ranking of your pages. Here is the two-step indexation process to ensure that your web pages are viewed by Google search engines, comprehended, and considered by Google Indexer.


Web crawlers, or what the people of the SEO world refer to as spiders, or bots is an automated software that is a part of Google’s algorithm that analyzes the content and structure of websites. Google requires you to provide the following information to comprehend your content better: title tags and headings, meta descriptions, content, and so on. The reason behind this is to ensure that the bots can understand the content, categories, and other products contained within the page. There are various ways to embed inside the code to ensure that bots can navigate a website the most efficient and effective way.

  • Create a Sitemap – contains the complete list of website’s pages, and informs bots of what to search for
  • Add Schema – a “roadmap” for the bots to crawl a website effectively.
  • Allow content within the Robots.txt file that’s not needed to perform a search.
  • Speed of loading – if the page loads too slowly, the robot will abandon the page before it has the chance to crawl the entire page. For more information about fashion, click to fubar news that would be the right place for you.


Google search index can be described as a database that holds billions of web pages. Google search index is a way to organize the web’s content that has been crawled. It is called a library created by Google. When a person types in a query, Google crawls through the index to find those most pertinent and useful pages to the user. When crawlers discover the website, they render the page’s content. The web pages are then indexed in the Google search database. Below are some methods to make sure that your pages are being found

  • Submitting a sitemap for submission to Google Search Console – a method to assist search engines in recognizing your site
  • Submitting your pages to be indexed by Google Search Console informs Google that you have recently updated content. Google loves updated content.
  • Blogs are indexed more often – sites that have blogs are indexed more.

Google will provide the most appropriate and efficient solutions to the queries of users. With this method in place, it is much simpler for Google to achieve this goal. Indexing and crawling can assist greatly with Organic search. If your site has SEO best practices, It is essential to ensure they’re getting crawled and indexed efficiently and efficiently. This will allow you to be found in the results that correspond to the searcher’s intention. Take these two steps and see your page’s traffic and rankings rise. If you have any questions about the crawling process and how to index it, Contact Creative now! Written by Kelly Bergeron, Digital Marketing Specialist at Creative.

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