Quartz Countertops: buying Guide, and Care


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With the natural stone design, minus the upkeep, quartz countertops offer granite an endure its cash. Made with one of the hardest minerals in the world, quartz countertops are probably the only solid option for kitchens. They are also among the most notable. They are available in a wide selection of colors, as well as firefighter red and inexperienced apples, such as earthy browns, blacks and creams, with glitter and veins for the designer marble granite. However, unlike the natural stone slabs, which are mined, these slabs are built in a manufacturing plant.

Is a Quartz countertop Right for You?

Here are the execs and cons to think about once deciding to travel with quartz.


It’s low-maintenance:

Unlike natural stone or wood, it ne’er must be sealed. Wipe with cleaner water for daily repairs what may remove surface stains with a delicate cleansing scrub. Avoid scouring pads, which might uninterested the surface, and harsh chemicals that would break down the bonds between the quartz and resins.

It’s design-friendly:

Some manufacturers provide elephantine slabs for uninterrupted runs of the countertop. However, even with customary slabs, usually sixty by a hundred and twenty inches, the seams may be virtually invisible; other resins enable cleaner cuts while not break as stone will. The resins conjointly build quartz a lot of versatile than natural stone, permitting fabricators to bend and form it into sinks or the perimeters of an arched island. And it’s versatile enough to be used on floors and walls—fabricators will even cut the slabs into standard tile sizes.


It’s expensive:

Compared with DIY choices, like wood, laminate, and concrete, which might price but $10 per area unit, quartz, like granite, is expensive—about $60 to $90 per area unit, together with installation. Another competitor possibility is solid acrylic emergence, prices regarding $40 to $80 per area unit.

It cannot take extreme heat:

Quartz counters are heat and scorch resistant, however solely up to some extent. Most makers say their merchandise will handle up to four hundred degrees F; however, a fulminant amendment in temperature or sustained heat from a pan left on the counter could cause the surface to crack. To be safe, continually use a trivet or a hot pad.

It cannot weather out of doors use:

Install it outdoors in an uncovered space, and you may void the guarantee. The direct sun is beating down thereon day once a day will cause colours to fade or the countertop to warp or split over time. Currently, none of the key makers offers an outdoor-approved quartz counter.

Quartz Countertops shopping for Guide and Timeline:

1. Compare colors and costs:

 Shop around to match colours and costs. Some quartz manufacturers sell solely through big-box stores; alternative slabs are obtainable solely through the freelance room and bathtub showrooms.

2. Choose your complete and colour:

Pick your complete and color, and originated a time for a prevaricator to go to your home to require measurements and build an example of the ace of your base cupboards.

 Unless you’re keeping existing fixtures, you offer the size for the sink and tap cutouts similarly as any drop-in appliances, like a cooktop.

3. Get worth Quotes and Place Your Order:

Get a worth quote and place your order. Once the prevaricator is aware of the installation’s complexness, together with the sting profile, variety of slabs, and cutout details, they’ll quote the particular price of the whole job.

4. Wait (About a Week):

Wait, however not too long. Forward your base cupboards are in, and your room is otherwise complete. The prevaricator will get the block from the distributor or direct from the manufacturer and form it to your specs in a few weeks.

If you are exploiting multiple slabs, consider asking the prevaricator to induce them from an equivalent producing batch to make sure the most effective potential match.

5. Schedule Your Installation:

Schedule the installation. The prevaricator lays the block directly on high cabinets; normally, no laminate rug pad is needed. It’s controlled in situ with silicone-based construction adhesive, and any seams between slabs are crammed with colour-matched epoxy.

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Quartz countertops, just like the one shown here, are typically known as stone or built stone. They’re created by combining ground quartz with artificial resins and colourants beneath heat and air mass. Here are the execs and cons of quartz countertops.


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