Gwen Stefani is now promoting lipstick from L’Oréal

Gwen Stefani is now promoting lipstick from L’Oréal

The cosmetics group L’Oréal likes to look for prominent support. After greats such as Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria or Beyoncé Knowles, this series is now being expanded to include a well-known name: Singer and designer Gwen Stefani will now make her beautiful face available for L’Oréal and promote a lipstick.

The product is “ Infaillible Le Rouge Lip Color ”. No wonder Gwen was chosen because her perfect red lips are one of her trademarks, after all. Gwen says she feels more than honored and can hardly believe it to be one of the L’Oréal Paris Girls. Can you understand …

In any case, Gwen has actually been making more talk of herself in recent years through her fashion label LAMB, because she is now quite respected in the fashion industry. Thanks to her label, she is not a newcomer to the cosmetics sector either, which is why such a deal as with L’Oréal was long overdue. Above you can see the quite respectable spot!

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