Things You Should Know Before Getting Hair Extensions


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Are you wondering how to make your hair extensions look amazing? Are you looking to get the most out of your brand new hairstyle while still looking natural? When considering hair extensions for your look, the pros and cons must be weighed correctly. This will help ensure that your hair ends up looking great.

Is it true that extensions may damage your hair?

There are some who claim that all extensions are harmful to your hair, but that is simply not true. Damage varies greatly depending on how the extensions are attached. Hence, attaching hair in one way can be less harmful than inserting it another way. Some other factors like hair extension types and quality are also important while getting extensions for your hair. So the most important things are the pros and cons, which you should know before getting this hair treatment? This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of adding hair extensions to your hair but first, let’s have a look at hair extension types.

Types of hair extensions

Almost all manufacturers offer both human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. It is preferable to be cautious when you buy human hair extensions in bulk, especially if there are many of them. Human hair extensions are the most demanding and expensive type. These are made with natural human hair. You can dye or style them the same as your own hair. The other type is synthetic hair which is cheaper, and you can’t style or dye them. If you want to have natural-looking hair, the human hair extension is suitable for you.

Advantages of hair extensions

  • If you ever dreamed of having the hair you wanted, now you can have it; you don’t have to grow out your hair. You can increase the length with the help of extensions as long as you want.
  • It is possible to have thicker hair in your crown area without undergoing any surgery, therefore eliminating pain, stress, and blood loss. 
  • Using human hair extensions, you can dye your hair any color without damage.
  • If your hair is short and does not grow fast enough, you need hair extensions to get back your length while making it thicker and shinier.
  • Get highlights for your hair without chemicals by using lighter extensions.
  • You can cover bald spots with a few techniques for extensions and feel more confident.
  • With extensions, split ends can be covered and blended with your own hair. 
  • You can find a number of options in hair extensions. You can choose any style or color.
  • If you want to attend an event with shorter hair, you can also remove extensions by visiting your nearest hair salons.

Disadvantage of Extensions

  • Attaching extensions takes time and money. For a fresh look, the extensions need to be redone after a few weeks of new growth, so be prepared.
  • They are not a fit for everyone.  In rare cases, a person’s hair has been too weak to hold onto the extensions, just like with any other kind of service.  An individual may experience this condition as a side effect of medications or because of a change in his or her health.
  • When removed improperly, it can cause breakage.  We should take extra care when removing extensions as we do when installing them. Installing extensions incorrectly or removing them can result in a loss of natural hair. Your hair may have been damaged beneath a weave due to incorrect washing/drying.
  • You cannot dry your scalp properly with a full weave. You can get itchy and dry scalp if you use a lot of styling products on your head.
  • If your extensions are made with synthetic material, then you couldn’t style them because they can melt, and also, you couldn’t change the color of your hair.
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