What is a highlight wig?

The highlight is a partial hair dyeing technique. Multiple light-colored hair strands are dotted on a dark background to create a typical overall appearance with alternating light and dark. It is one of the most popular hair colors in the summer of 2021 to make your hair look More charming and charming. Especially fashionable. If you are tired of only one color, high gloss hair will be a good choice. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

There are many different hairstyles for prominent wigs. Brown hair with golden highlights, black hair with brown highlights, highlight lace front wigs, highlight bob wigs, highlight curly wigs, black wigs with red/pink/green highlights, etc. You can see more and more human hair wigs with bright spots on the market.

How to highlight a wig at home?

If you are determined to DIY your own highlights, then as far as the home highlight kit is concerned, you have many options. Stop squeezing lemon juice on your hair like you did when you were a kid-remember those days? Take a look at the video and learn to highlight a wig at home.

The hair has been bleached in color due to the highlights. It takes us more time to maintain the wig. Once you have highlighted your hair, you need regular deep care. Because the highlighted hair will dry out more easily.

Some specific highlighting techniques-such as balayage-require a special level of skill to achieve, so for those, you’d better do it in the salon. If you have a very dark brown base and want a golden highlight wig, you should leave it to a professional colorist.

4 best high gloss wigs online

If you don’t want the hair dryer to accentuate your hair, buy a high gloss wig. Ashimary hair offers high-quality high-gloss wigs online at affordable prices. These are some famous human hair hairpieces with features underneath. Choose a favorite to take home.

1. Straight hair and high gloss wig

High-gloss straight lace front wig is one of the most popular wigs in high-gloss wigs. It is made of 100% primitive human hair. The forehead of the wig is pre-pulled, so it is easy to trim your hair as natural as your own hair.

From 12 inches to 30 inches, all wig lengths are available. Fulfill your longing for long straight hair like a cascade. The wig comes in 2 highlight colors: brown hair with golden highlights, and black hair with brown highlights. It also provides you with two different densities. 180% density and 250% density. Usually 180% density can make a complete head. If you prefer a fuller and thicker appearance, you can choose a density of 250%. This brown high gloss straight hair wig will never let you down.

2. Highlight Wig Bob

If you are a fan of short lace wigs, then you must wear a bob wig. It will never fade. If you are tired of natural-colored bobs, you must try this golden high-gloss wig bob. The golden high gloss bob wig will bring you another new look. A wig bob that protrudes from 8 inches to 14 inches and 180% density. Simple appearance and easy installation.

3. Highlight the deep waves of the wig

Every girl dreams of having charming colored hair and hopes to become attractive among friends. This curly high-gloss brown wig can meet your needs. A highlight curly wig made of Brazilian virgin hair that can be straightened and curled easily. Especially in summer, if you put on high-gloss curly hair on the beach, with a bikini, blowing the sea breeze through your hair, it is definitely a charming look.

4. Gold/pink/red/green high gloss wig

Highlights are sometimes misunderstood as being only suitable for golden highlight wigs, but any part of the hair that is lighter than the base color is highlighted. This wig has 5 color highlights to choose from: golden high-gloss wig, pink high-gloss wig, red high-gloss wig, green high-gloss wig and mixed color rainbow high-gloss wig. They will give you an amazing appearance.

If you like colored wigs, this brown curly wig is not to be missed. This hair is really charming. The brown hair wig is made of 10A grade Brazilian virgin hair. Hair can be easily dyed, curled and straightened. It is highly praised.

All the above wigs are from a professional manufacturer of Chinese human hair braids and wigs. They are committed to meeting the needs of black women. Focus on the best quality human hair wigs and braids, which are designed to perfectly match your natural hair quality. They provide the best wigs, lace front wigs, full lace wigs, high gloss wigs, high-definition lace wigs, glueless wigs, headband wigs, color wigs, super long wigs, curly wigs and so on.

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