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Now you can earn from home based jobs through internet. However, when operating on online channels, you still have to be vigilant. We will tell you some forms today that will help you earn money online. Some of the easiest ways to raise money online are illustrated below.

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Work From Home As A Freelancer

Freelancing has always been a popular way to earn money from online job. And this option of earning money on the Internet is quite fantastic. For persons with varying talents, there are several platforms providing freelancing. Everything you need to do is build your account, search the listings and apply for the position you want.

There are dozens of popular websites like UpWork, Freelancer, WorkNHire, fiverr.com and many more freelance sites. These sites can give you job oriented platforms with ready clients. You can earn from $ 5 to $ 200 per day sitting at home through these websites. If you provide quality services and clients get satisfied, you will be paid with appreciation.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries’ borders were blocked, and as such the travel industry was completely hampered by the lack of activity. This had a knock-on effect on the TEFL industry. TEFL stands for Teach English as a Foreign Language and usually (when there are no pandemics lingering) thousands of TEFL graduates will travel the world to places like China, Japan, Vietnam, Spain, Cambodia, and so on to teach English to non-native speakers. When Covid stopped graduates from travel they turned to the internet to teach English online and now this industry is booming. Online TEFL teachers have the flexibility to work their own home and work out their own hours meaning they can work as much or as little as they want! If this sounds like it could be for you make sure to complete a certified TEFL qualification and the online TEFL world could be your oyster! 

Freelancer.com – Online Job

You can be a web designer, advertising creator, graphic designer, or resources such as SEO, data processing , video testimonials, digital marketing, etc. can be offered. There are thousands of jobs posted per hour. You need to identify your skill and stat bid accordingly. I will share real-time experience about Freelancer.com. You won’t get jobs in the beginning phase. You need to keep calm and focused during initial phase. The key factor to win bids are

  • Bid lowest budget as per client
  • Stay calm and focussed

One you have completed 15-20 jobs and you get reviewed with star. It will become easy to get new jobs and earn online Work From Home Jobs without investment.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are serious about Online Money Earning. And you are a hard working person who wants to make a big income then, Affiliate Marketing is for you. Due to the high growth of online shopping, there is more scope for affiliate marketing than before.

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There are hundreds of online merchants like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Clickbank, CJ etc. Where you can signup and promote their products.In affiliate marketing, you are helping customers buy the right product by creating a simple website. And in return you can earn 4% to 25% commission.


I will give share the details of . Please find the below Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule –

Product Category

Luggage & Bags | Apparel & Accessories | Watches | Shoes
Toys & Baby Products | Home | Kitchen Appliances | Kitchen & Housewares
Fitness, Sports & Outdoors | DIY & Tools
Books | Grocery & Gourmet | Pantry | Office & Stationery
Health, Beauty & Personal care | Personal Care Appliance
Jewellery (like silver & Gold coins) | Motorbike, Car, Industrial & Scientific Products | Musical Instruments
Large Appliances | Movies | Music | Software | Video Games
Televisions | Computers |Consumer Electronics & Accessories (excl. Data Devices) | Mobile Phones* | Bicycles & Heavy Gym Equipment | Tyres & Rims
Data Devices
Gold & Silver Coins
All Categories (Kindle devices & E-books| Fire TV stick & other Amazon devices | Others)

Fixed Advertising Rates


Live Example

I will share live advertisement of amazon. Please find the advertisement below –

Up to 50% off | Unboxed products

Unboxed products

If you will click on above product/link, it will take you to amazon.in. I will get amount according to above slab. i will not only et commission on this product, I will get commision on whole cart. This is the power of Affiliate Marketing. You can do for many ecom companies. You have to create and post amazon advertisement on your blog site, social media, etc.

Blogger – Online Work From Home Jobs

There are lots of resources available online to help you to build your website. It consist of domains selection, templates design, and designs for your website. If consumers who visit your website sign up for Google Adsense when you make a webpage, then you can gain money by clicking on the advertising that appears on your webpage. The more visitors on your website you get, the greater your earning opportunity would be.

I have been making money with blogging for the last 5 months and made good amount with blogging.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is also known as CPC means Cost Per Click Advertising. CPC is the most simple online advertising method on the Internet today. The advertisement firm pays cash according to the ads clicks.

Main Companies That Provide Pay Per Click Advertising


Adsense is Google’s Ad Placement or Publishing Network. In general scenario blogger Publish Adsense Ads on their Blog or Website. But, getting Approval of Google Adsense Account is very tough and you need to follow all the steps required by google. It is very important to have the rich content on your website, the terms of Google Ads must be followed.

This is through Payment Bank Transfer or Check. you will be paid only after it has reached 100 $ (The Threshold Revenue). If you are not having Adsense clearance, your Adsense has been prohibited or you are not satisfied with the income you receive from it, so there are also other ways you can raise money by not panicking. This is the perfect example of a career at home.


Media.Net is Yahoo’s advertising company that facilitates PPC advertising. It can be considered as the best alternative of Google Adsense. Its ads also show content related advertisements on website or blog like Adsense ads.


LinkWorth is a good Provider for Text Link advertising. It also allows you to write rotating ads, Paid Reviews from Ad Company.


Infolinks are the best way to do in-text advertising in blog posts. In this, Infolinks shares 80% of its revenue with its Ads Publishers and holds 20% on its own. In In-Text, under the paragraph of the post, the text appears twice as an Underline Text advertisement on which a Banner or Text ad appears when a Cursor is taken. This is one of favourite example of Home Based Jobs.

Survey And Review

Here you can take from 5 minutes to 40 minutes to complete small surveys based on the requirement of a particular company. You need to write your response and opinion in a survey. All you have to do is select your choice from the question and there is no need to write anything. Depending on the length of the survey, your profile, your country, you can earn from $ 1 to $ 30. This is one of good Online Job.

Virtual Assistant

Sitting at home and doing company work. This includes talking to customers. This work is done by a virtual assistant (VA). VAs basically interact with their customers online and manage aspects of their business. Working as a virtual assistant, you can choose to work as an employee or you can set up your own business.

VAs are highly skilled, professionals who provide administrative support to companies, businesses and entrepreneurs. They make phone calls. Responds to email and also works as a data entry.

Social Media Marketer

A social media marketer is responsible for a company’s social media messages and social media handles. They are delegated to promote the company’s social progress in all administration of social media.

Writing Job

Another better way to earn money on the internet is through various types of content writing. Blog can be written for companies, institutions, personal people, etc. Different types of authors are paid differently. People are usually paid $ 5 to $ 30 to write a 500 word content.

Earn money from your videos

In the world, YouTube offers the best video sharing site. Many forms of videos can be posted to YouTube. You will make a lot of money on YouTube, so that the video gets full likes and traffic, just the video should be fun and insightful.

Steps to make money from video on youtube:

  • Always create and upload unique video. Uploaded video must not be copied.
  • Keep a good SEO optimized title for your video so that maximum Organic Traffic can reach your YouTube.
  • Write a nice description for that video because Crawlers read your video’s description for the lane on Google, Yahoo and Bing’s Search Engine.
  • Turn on the Monetize option by going to your YouTube Channel’s Video Dashboard. For this you need an Active Adsense account.
  • After publishing your video on YouTube, share it in your blog and social network.
  • Advertisement will be seen on every single view of your video on YouTube, whose clicks you will get money which can be seen in the Revenue Adsense Dashboard.

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