Gmail is a popular email service provider and there are hardly any major glitch that could repeatedly bother the user. However, one thing that affects the most is that sometime Gmail stops working on iPhone. Though the reason could be many, one needs to be careful while troubleshooting the issue. In this blog, we will answer your query of ‘how do I fix Gmail not working?’ If you have been facing a similar problem, it is important for you to follow the hacks that are enlisted below:

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Take help of the Gmail website:

Just in case, Gmail on iPhone is failing to work efficiently, you can take the help of Gmail website. You can login to it from a desktop or laptop, or you can choose to login through an alternative browser.

Make sure that IMAP is enabled:

No matter what, if you haven’t enabled the IMAP settings for Gmail on iPhone, it would not work and you will keep on asking why is my Gmail not loading? So, it is recommended to you to quickly enable the IMAP settings on your device.

Uninstall and Reinstall Gmail:

If the problem persists, it would be better if you just uninstall the Gmail app for some time, and then re-install it.

Remove all Gmail accounts:

For a temporary basis, you need to remove all the Gmail account from iPhone, and then you should set it up once again.

If the issue is still not resolved and you are looking for ways to fix Gmail not working on iPhone, we would recommend you to get in touch with the experts. Just connect with the experts for their guidance.

Closing Notes:

I have tried to explain all details regarding gmail configuration on iPhone in this article “Gmail not working“. If you have any questions, you can comment your query in comment box. Please like comment and subscribe social media page. Enjoy reading.

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