How Facebook Scratching the Surface Can Help in E-Commerce Marketing


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Scratching the surface is a common feature seen in many social network sites like Facebook. A person might be using the Facebook application to post his or her status, he or she might be searching for an answer to a question, or simply enjoying the moment. In either case – and it almost always happens – the user hits the “scratch the surface” button to take a quick rest from the interaction.

Scratching the surface is a useful feature in social networking applications. It lets the user take a break from the rigors of the application. However, this relaxation is deceptive. Once the user has returned to the site, he or she sees the same interface. The current page can even look a lot like the last, if not moreso than before. The end result is a user who is practically back where they started from – in the “last” place they were in before getting the “rest” break.

This is undesirable. It means that the user is no longer interested in the site. He or she returns to the application to try again, but this time, the screen is now filled with endless applications and features. To break the monotony, Facebook provides a Scratching the Surface feature that makes the current application (or the site in general) less interesting.

Facebook advertising in e-commerce :

This is the same on Facebook advertising in e-commerce sites. As an example, a user searching for a product in one of its many applications may find his search results have been changed to reflect his search for a certain item. Or perhaps the page now redirects him to the e-commerce website. Neither of these two scenarios is very appealing to a user who is used to clicking the first option. He has to search for what he wants in the search engine and then go through the long list of options in the landing page to find what he wants.

There is a solution to this problem. It is the Scratching the Surface function that lets the user switch between the two different pages. The landing page is used when a user is performing a search. With this feature, he doesn’t have to focus so much on finding the particular item he is looking for. Instead, he can look for it in another application or site and if he likes what he finds, he can click on the “switch” button to take him to the appropriate site.

Facebook advertising venues :

These “others” are the Facebook advertising venues. Since Facebook has millions of active users and many of them use this social networking site to shop, this feature serves them well. The only thing the user has to do is to take a look at the page. If it isn’t there, he is prompted to search for it in a separate application.


That is the beauty of using Facebook as an advertising platform. Because of the huge user base and because it is a site that are tightly integrated with other important applications, users are not required to look beyond the landing page. This means that he is more likely to find what he wants in a short time. In a sense, Facebook Scratching the Surface functions like a natural search function where the user simply types what he is looking for into the search box and gets the results in a matter of seconds.

Facebook provide E-Commerce Marketing

The same is true of Facebook in the role of an advertising platform. Because of the huge user base and because it is integrated into other important sites, the platform serves its users well. However, there are certain things that can be done to make Facebook Scratching the Surface more effective. One thing that can be done is to minimize the appearance of the landing page to the user. This means that less information should be displayed in the form of links or images on the screen.

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