How to be More Caring


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If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that positive things can happen even in the darkest of times, when everyone comes together and looks after each other.

Since things have settled down, plenty of people have fallen into their old ways and returned to focusing on themselves, and only themselves.

It’s easy to fall into a little selfishness from time to time. But if everyone cared a little more, the world would be a brighter and kinder place for everyone.

Get ready for the new year by learning how you – and those around you – can be more caring.

Caring for others is an integral part of being human. But if you’re someone that naturally struggles with empathy or compassion, being more caring can feel like challenge.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways everyone can be more caring. None of which are particularly difficult to start doing. If you struggle with compassion or empathy, fake it till you make it by trying out these simple ideas.

Offer to help those in need

The key to being more caring is helping others. If you’re only out to help yourself, you’re not caring about those around you.

Whether it’s a family friend who needs help with moving house, or a senior neighbor struggling with their shopping bags, lending a hand – no matter how small the task – is a great way to be more caring.

When out and about, look out for people who might need your help or read between the lines in conversations with friends and family to find ways in which you can offer assistance.

Most people have a hard time asking for help, so it’s up to those near to them to notice when they’re just being polite.

Give your time and energy

While you’re helping those around you, why not take it a step further?

Donate your time and energy to helping others by volunteering at a soup kitchen, helping at a literacy center or joining a community clean-up scheme.

If you don’t think you can give your time, you could always make charitable donations for a good cause instead.

Ask questions, take an interest

It’s easy to get caught up in your own life. But when talking to others, make sure to engage in the conversation; ask questions about how they’re doing, and take an interest in what they have to say.

On the topic of conversation, those that care will always check in with people and remember the finer details. Text someone first to ask them how they are, send a good luck text to the friend you know has a job interview coming up, remember someone’s birthday without social media reminding you.

Simple things that make a big difference.

Apologize, take accountability

One of the biggest things you can do to be more caring is taking accountability for your actions.

It’s easy to blame others for their wrongdoings and assume no fault is yours. However, in this ‘gaslighting era’, taking accountability and apologizing when you need to is the refreshing change we all need to get onboard with. 

Caring is all about helping, supporting and engaging with others. It’s about making others feel valued and acknowledged.


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