How to build a Cartography Table in Minecraft?


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A cartography table allows you to handle all your Minecraft maps effortlessly. Minecraft game is all about using your imagination and exploring the new areas of the Minecraft world.

So, to explore the places in the game, you need maps. Just like you would not want to get lost in the real world, likewise, you would not want to get lost in your game as well. So, it would help if you used maps to search new areas and come back to your home in the game. 

During your life in the game, you will create several maps, and to manage these maps, you will need to use a Cartography table.

Minecraft Cartography Table allows you to clone your maps and lock them while moving to a new environment in the game. Also, once you have created a map, you can expand this map as you search for new places in Minecraft. After exploring the game, at some point, you will be able to map the entire Minecraft world. 

You only need basic materials like – sugarcane and wooden blocks to create the table. 

Making the Minecraft Cartography Table

Here is how you can collect resources to create the table. 

Finding the sugarcane

You need at least three fine sugarcanes to make the paper. This paper is required to create your table. Find for these sugarcanes stalk around the water. The stalk must have to be 1-4 blocks tall. When you’ve found them, click the bottom block in the cane to make it drop a resource. You have to collect at least three stalks to produce enough paper for the Cartography table. 

Minecraft - Sugarcane


  • If you’re playing the game in Creative mode, you do not need to collect the sugarcane. Instead, you can check for this resource in the inventory.

Collecting the wood:

You will need two wood blocks to create the table. You can make the table using any type of wood. Therefore you don’t have to go far from your area to search for the wood in the game.

All you’re need to do is look for a tree nearby. After selecting the tree, hold down the Attack button to hit one of the woodblocks until it breaks down entirely. Collect your first block and then look for the second block the same way. After that, add both of these blocks into your inventory.

Minecraft - Wood


  • You can equip an ax in the game before hitting the block because you can cut the woodblocks fast if you use an ax.
  •  While playing on a computer, use the left button of the mouse as the Attack button. However, you’re playing on a console, hold the right trigger down in the game. 
  • On mobile, you can use your fingers to hold down the attack button.  

Access the basic crafting to create planks and paper

Once you’ve done collecting the resources, go to the inventory for the basic crafting. You will see a crafting square box on the top of the screen. If you’re using a computer to play the game, press E on your keyboardto open the inventory. On the other hand, on the mobile, there are three dots at the bottom of the screen; tap these dots to open the inventory. 

Minecraft - Create plank and papers


  • While playing in the survival mode, ensure that you’re playing in safe mode to prevent yourself from any attacks during the crafting of your table. 

Create planks from the wooden blocks –   

Create eight planks from both of the woodblocks that you have collected. Use one crafting square to create four planks at once. Remember, you will have to choose the right crafting square to cut out the planks.  

Minecraft - Spruce planks


  • Each woodblock will make at least four plants, and also you can easily access the planks if you’re playing in the creative mode

Put planks into the square of the crafting table – 

Moving on, you have to set four of your created planks into the crafting table. You need to set each of the plants into the empty boxes of the crafting square. After placing the fourth plank into the empty box, a crafting table will appear on the right side. Place this crafting table in the bottom row of the inventory. 

Minecraft - Crafting Table

Create the paper from the sugarcanes

Go to the inventory and open the crafting table again. Select your collected sugarcanes and make sure to place them into the 1×3 horizontal row. After putting all three sugarcane into the crafting box, three pieces of paper will appear on the right side of the table. In the next step, drag the paper and move it to the inventory.

Minecraft - Paper

Build the Cartography table:

To start building the Cartography table, click on the crafting table. Also, remember that you can use basic crafting to make a crafting table. Put wood planks in the crafting table and two pieces of paper in the top column of the crafting table to create the frame for the Cartography table.

Minecraft - Cartography table

Drop the crafting table in the game world –

Next, you have to drop the Cartography table somewhere in the game world. To do this, first, exit the inventory and then check for the crafting table in all the items that you own in the game. After that, choose the spot where you want to drop it, and right-click the table to set it down.


  • In case you’re using a controller to play the game, use the left trigger to set the table in the world.

Add maps into your Cartography table- 

If you’ve created the map, you can add it to your table by expanding it. To add the map, firstly, you have to open the Cartography table and place the filled map in the top slot. Following this, drag a piece of paper into the bottom slot of the table. The image in the right column of the Cartography table will show your map with extra space around the edges. Next, you have to click on the map icon on the right side of it and then drag that newly expanded map into the inventory. 


  •  You can’t expand a map more than four times. Also, you can’t extend a map if it’s already empty.

FAQ: How to build a Cartography Table in Minecraft?

How do you get a full map on Minecraft?

A compass and eight pages of paper can be combined to create a map in Minecraft. A map can be used to track your position and provide information about the area around you. You can create banners once you have a map created in “Minecraft” to mark special points around the globe.

How does a cartography table work in Minecraft?

The question “How does a cartography table work in Minecraft?” may have stumped you at some point during your exploration. While the table itself is pretty simple, the actual process of making the map may take a little longer. You will first have to collect the required items. You will then have to craft these items in a crafting grid of three by three squares. After you’ve completed the crafting process, you can then use them to create a map.

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