A Complete Guide to Apply for Business Loans in Hyderabad


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Hyderabad, the City of Pearls, and the Historic Charminar offer strategic and geographic advantages to businesses of every size today.

Hyderabad may be a young city, but it has been a significant industrial and commercial hub worthy of replication by other cities since its inception. Moreover, progressive reforms in industrial policies and government agencies have benefited Hyderabad. As a result, within a very short period of time, the city has emerged as the most preferred IT destination as well as a business-friendly landscape for other industries. This is the reason small businesses today have the opportunity to prosper and grow in Hyderabad. Moreover, you can now apply for business loans in Hyderabad on easy terms to expand your small business exponentially.

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How to Apply for Business Loans in Hyderabad

If you are a small business owner in Hyderabad, you may be looking for a way to get MSME business loans in Hyderabad to help grow your company. Reputable lenders like Kinara Capital offer hassle-free business loans to small business owners without requiring collateral.

You can fill out their 1-minute eligibility check on their website to see if you qualify and go on to complete the application process online or have a loan officer contact you to finish the process. Kinara Capital’s MSME loan application process is simple and requires little documentation.

Documents Required

Taking business loans in Hyderabad can help you realize your ambitions of growing your company to new heights. Every type of small business requires additional capital to grow. You must submit certain documents in order to apply for small business loans. The documentation will differ depending on the type of applicant and the lender.

Here is a list of documents required for a small business loan:

KYC Documents

KYC documents are the most basic and common type of loan documents. In addition to your identity proof, Articles of Association, Udyam Registration, partnership deed, establishment certificate, and incorporation certificate could be required. You must also present your PAN card as well as the PAN card of your business entity. You must also provide address proof for the partners and the location from which the business operates. All documents must be self-attested.      

Financial Documents

To apply for business loans in Hyderabad, you must provide audited financials for the previous three years, including profit and loss, balance sheet, and tax audit report. You will also be required to provide the current year’s performance report.    

Bank Statements

You must provide personal and company bank account statements. The time period will depend on the lender’s requirements.

However, today documentation requirements of lenders like Kinara Capital are quite simple. Moreover, if certain documents are unavailable, they can substitute them and disburse a loan within 24 hours, thanks to their fully digital loan process.

How Will Taking Business Loans in Hyderabad Impact Your Growth

Small business loans in Hyderabad can help your company in various ways, including financing new equipment, increasing inventory, and funding expansion plans. Look for NBFCs like Kinara Capital governed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) under the Reserve Bank of India Act. Moreover, Kinara Capital is designated by the RBI as a Systemically Important NBFC. So, take your small business to the next level with the right financial support when you most need it!

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