Some methods used to change IP addresses can do users easy targets hackers and reduce Internet speeds. I have worked in network security for about 6 years and have found that using a VPN or Proxy to change the IP address is the safest and fastest way. A VPN can change a user’s real location so that users can browse websites anonymously, view blocked content or download torrents privately, etc. 

In this article, I will tell about the basics of IP addresses and the best ways to hide IP addresses and how to remain anonymous on the internet. In addition, I’ll cover the best VPN and Proxy to change IP so users don’t have to waste time trying to securely hide the user’s real location or protect the user’s security with VPN. 

Connect via Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Proxy

With VPN you can change your public IP address and signal to the network that you’re connecting via another location. One of the most well-known and safe VPN is TunnelBear, ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

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A proxy server is an intermediate program that is both a server and a client, a proxy server is mainly used to forward network access requests from client systems. However, a proxy server doesn’t just forward requests to real Internet servers, it can also monitor user behaviour, make decisions on received client requests, and filter user requests according to filtering rules.

Through a proxy server, network administrators can implement stricter security policies than using packet-filtering routers.

I recommend using SMS-MAN proxy 

How to Change the IP Address on Android, iPhone and PC

Virtual numbers to remain anonymous

I recommend that you use neither of your personal phone numbers on the internet. The best solution is a virtual number. You can get a virtual number to bypass SMS verification for any website without any problem. Also, you can create fake accounts in social networks, messengers and verify your e-wallet. Just buy one-time phone number for texting and use it for personal use.

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