How to Charge Your iPhone Without a Charger


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How to Charge Your iPhone Without a Charger: Smartphones are one of the most significant bits of technological development over the last 2 decades. It is an easily recognizable gadget, one that may go on to define the age we live in. And the iPhone is arguably one of the biggest icons in the smartphone industry. Apple’s iPhone has been at the top of the smartphone market for over a decade. And each year, the tech giant releases an even more advanced and sophisticated version.  

Charging Your iPhone Without a Wall Charger 

iPhones can do just about anything you would want from a smartphone. It lets you install secure and verified apps. It lets you browse products or services on websites like Superinternetdeals, and even lets you pay through its own Apple Pay wallet. With billions of phones sold over the last few years, Apple continues to be a leader in smartphone tech. However, despite its staggering features and closed ecosystem, the iPhone still falls prey to the most basic of problems: running out of battery. 

Of course, plugging your charger into your iPhone is the most obvious solution. Smartphones have long-lasting batteries, but they need regular energy replenishment. Having a standard iPhone charger and wall socket nearby should prevent your iPhone from dying on you. However, what if you don’t have your charger on hand? Most people would panic at the sight of a dying battery when they forget or lose their charger. But after you’re done reading this blog, you won’t have to worry. Because there are several easy ways to keep charging your iPhone even without your usual wall charger. Interested? Read on to find out more. Here are some easy ways to charge your iPhone in an emergency when you don’t have access to your standard charger: 

Use the USB Port on Your PC or Laptop 

Personal desktop or laptop computers are pretty much standard in most homes. So, you usually have access to at least one of them at any given time. Desktop computers and laptops come with USB ports that you can plug other devices into. The USB port doesn’t just transfer information between devices. It can also be used to charge your phone using the power from the computer. All you need is the right cable that can connect with the USB port as well as your iPhone. You should be able to get enough juice in your iPhone to keep it running a while longer.  

Connect to a Car Charger in Your Vehicle  

Cars are a great way to travel around, and they come equipped with all sorts of conveniences. The 12-volt outlet in modern cars originally started as a power source for a built-in cigarette lighter. Most cars these days don’t have cigarette lighters anymore, in an effort to curb the dangers of smoking. However, the power source still exists and can be used for plenty of other stuff. The most common use is using a car charger. Since the outlet is universal, any car charger will usually fit it. All you need is a charging cable that can plug into the USB socket on the car charger. You should be able to start charging your phone on the go.  

Use a Portable Charged Battery Bank  

A battery bank is a simple but convenient bit of technology. And it is designed specifically to address the issue of running out of battery on various devices. You charge a battery bank just like any other device. However, the bank has a much larger capacity to store charges than most other devices. And since it has little to no function other than using the stored charge to power other devices, it barely consumes anything itself. A good battery bank should hold enough charge for you to charge your iPhone several times. And since they are very portable, battery banks can easily fit inside a laptop bag, mid-sized handbag, or even cargo pockets.  

Look for a USB Outlet in Walls or Extension Cords 

Certain wall sockets may not fit your type of charger in other parts of the world. So, unless you have an adapter shoe, you may not be able to charge your phone with the charger itself. However, modern wall sockets often offer a USB outlet as well. So even if your charger isn’t compatible with the socket, the USB port will always be so.  

Connect to a Public Charging Point  

Public charging stations are fairly common at airports, bus stops, train stations, malls, and other areas that see a lot of traffic. They’re also usually free to use and have fast charging capabilities. They can be a lifesaver if you need a quick charge when you are in a public place without access to any other power sources. However, public stations can sometimes have damaged cables. These could mess with your phone’s battery since the current may not travel evenly or safely. If you suddenly feel your iPhone getting warm or if it gives a tiny shock as you plug it in, try another station or cable.  

How to Charge Your iPhone Without a Charger

Go Old-School with a Hand Crank  

These actually do exist! Battery banks are great, but if you forget to charge your phone, you could forget to charge them as well. A hand crank can generate only a much smaller charge. But hand cranks aren’t dependent on a power source. All you have to do is keep cranking it to generate power. So you could potentially charge your iPhone on a deserted island. A hand-crank charger is not exactly new. Early cars did not have keys or buttons for easy ignition. Instead, owners had to crank a shaft to generate enough charge for the initial ignition. However, the idea translates well to acquiring emergency battery power for smaller appliances too.   

Closing Notes: How to Charge Your iPhone Without a Charger

Buy a Wireless Charging Pad  Wireless charging is a huge development in the conventional approach to charging smart devices. All you have to do is place your phone on a supported charging pad. You don’t have to plug anything in at all. Simply being on the pad will help your phone charge safely and quickly. Some cars also have built-in wireless charging pads, so you could potentially find one in an Uber or cab too.  

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