How to Crack UPSC NDA Exam in First Attempt


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UPSC NDA: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) organizes National Defense Academy (NDA) exams every year across the nation to induct eligible candidates into the prestigious National Defense Academy training for Army, Navy and Air force wings.

A large number of the candidates appearing for the UPSC NDA exam fail and only a few make it through. This is because most of the candidates are unable to make the best use of the resources and time they have.

On that note, let’s talk about some important exam preparation tips that will help you crack the UPSC NDA exam in the first attempt.

Have thorough knowledge of the examination pattern and syllabus

The most important thing one must do before starting one’s exam preparation is to go through various important details such as tentative exam dates, exam pattern, syllabus and more. Having complete knowledge of the exam pattern and syllabus will clear any doubts students have regarding the exam which will help him / her to prepare an exam preparation strategy.

While examining the exam pattern, students will get knowledge of the structure of the selection process and various details regarding different stages of the exam. This will give a candidate a full picture of what he / she has to go through to crack the exam.

On the other hand, going through the exam syllabus in detail will give a candidate the knowledge of what subjects and topics in each subject he / she has to study for the exam. This will also prevent you from wasting your time on irrelevant topics that might not be even mentioned in the official syllabus.

Choose the Best Sources to Study from (Live Coaching, Books, Test Series)

How can you study for an exam if you don’t have anything to study from? Well, you can’t… and what if the sources are you referring to are of poor quality? Well, it will hamper your exam preparation. Therefore, it becomes very important for candidates appearing for the upcoming UPSC NDA exam to procure best quality UPSC NDA Books, live coaching, test series and other study material before starting their preparation.

Many exam preparation platforms have come up in the past providing online coaching services and other educational resources to students preparing for various competitive exams. This gives you multiple options to find the best online courses and test series online.

Apart from this, while buying books or study material make sure that the content of book or study material is updated and has relevant information and at the same time aligns with the latest UPSC NDA exam syllabus.

Make a Proper Study Plan

After you have carefully examined the syllabus and other details of the exam, make a proper exam preparation strategy. Divide various topics and sub-topics in the syllabus and allot them time as per priority and create a daily study schedule. Enough time should be given to each topic to clear its concepts and to practice enough questions on the topic.

Your study plan must include regular revision and timely mock tests to polish your knowledge and track your progress respectively. At the same time, your daily study timetable must have provisions for regular breaks in between study sessions so that you stay rejuvenated and focussed.

Clear Concepts in Each Topic and Learn Useful Short Tricks

Not having clarity of concepts in different topics can be dangerous for you in the exam as most of the questions asked in competitive exams like UPSC NDA are concept based and are of advanced level. Most candidates fail to solve these questions as they don’t have in depth knowledge of the concepts on which the questions are based.

Furthermore, your score in UPSC NDA or any other competitive exam depends on how accurately and how fast you attempt various questions in the exam. With that said, having thorough knowledge of the basic concept is not enough, you must learn useful formulas and short tricks. they will save you a lot of your precious time during exams which you can use later to solve other questions which can fetch you a better score.

Prepare Short Notes in Each Subject for Quick Revision

While studying for any exam, make sure to prepare short notes of theories and concepts in different subjects. Also, make separate notes of all formulas and short tricks in mathematics so that you can revise them quickly just before the exam.

Short notes are very beneficial as they save you considerable time during revision that can be used for other purposes. However, they are rendered useless if not revised regularly. Regular revision is important to your exam preparation as it lets you revisit and recall what you have studied earlier.

Attempt Regular Mock tests and Solve Previous Years Papers

Only studying is not enough to crack UPSC NDA exam, you must develop an ability to solve questions with speed and accuracy. This is why it becomes important for you to attempt online mock tests regularly as it not only helps in improving your speed and accuracy but also lets you track your process as well as gives you insight on your strengths and weaknesses so that you can capitalize on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

On the other hand, solving previous years UPSC NDA papers will help you get knowledge of the types of questions to expect in the exam and trends in weightage of different topics.

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