How to Create and connect a VNC session


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What is VNC ?

Before going to VNC session, Let us discuss about VNC. Virtual Network Computing(VNC) allows us to connect, view and also operate the console of other computer/servers/devices across the network remotely. It is commonly known as Remote frame buffer(RFB).
The original VNC was developed by AT&T(Britain)

The installation is very user friendly and can be downloaded from google by just hopping next to next screen and following the on screen screen.

Why to use remote desktop sessions like VNC over traditional Putty sessions !

Remote desktop sessions like VNC are very favourable for the users where if they need their remote screen to be in active state and if they are running some configuration and doesn’t want their action/CLI’s to hung if the local screen goes in sleep mode or looses their internet connection somehow. VNC is real savior in those cases where you don’t loose your hours and hours of spent work.

Pre-requiste : VNC and Putty installed in you local desktop

How to Create a VNC session

  • Open Putty, Give your Device/server address.
    eg: server-1
  • Keep the connection type as SSH which would be by default.
  • Click on Open button at bottom, it will ask for your credential(username/password) to log in into the server specified.
  • Once Login is sucessfull to the server you would be able to see bash prompt, type “tcsh” to see the server name and go to enable prompt.
  • Once above prompt comes type “vncserver” and hit enter. This will create a new VNC desktop sessions and will list its name as below :
    New desktop is server-1:35 (Server-1_IP:35)

How to make VNC secure with password

In putty type “vncpasswd” and hit enter

This will ask and set a password for the vnc desktop, if not set it would use the credential of the “server-1”

How to connect VNC

Open VNC and give this newly VNC desktop session created and hit enter
eg : server-1:35

Provide the VNC desktop credential and there you go!!!

Please refer to below article for more information on VNC
Enable mouse cursor toggle from remote


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