Today we will know How to download app in jio phone. Many people have a live phone in today’s time, and this cheapest smartphone, Even if said, will not be an exaggeration. Many of us have a Jio Phone which we use not only for the phone but also to meet the daily needs like the internet.

Friends, as we all know that more than one Android app is available on the internet, which we need a smartphone to use. And as I have already said, we can call the Jio phone the cheapest smartphone because it supports many such applications that only support Android or Smartphones.

How to download the app

The Jio Phone, Reliance Industry company, is making all efforts to provide all the Jio phone features, which is available only in a smartphone, keeping in mind its user. However, the most commonly used operating system is Android. While in live phone KaiOS Operating System Is used. The KaiOS Operating System is the second most popular operating system used in India after Android.

Steps to use app in jio phone?

  • First of all, you have to go to the main menu of your live phone.
  • In this, your App store An application named will appear and click on it.
  • Now you will get to see a lot of Categories in this application like ENTERTAINMENT, GAME, Social Media.
  • You have to choose the category according to your requirement.
  • Click on any app you want to download.
  • After this, the application will start downloading.
  • You have to wait for some time.
  • After downloading, you will get to see the install option in front of you by clicking on installing the app.
  • Once installed, this app will appear in your live phone’s main menu, which you can use.
  • Similarly, friends can also download games, music, movies, etc., on a live phone.

Closing Notes

Friend I have given complete information abou How to download the app on my jio phone?. So as I told you above, the operating system of the Android phone and operating system of the Jio phone is different. To download the app in jio phone, you have to go to the app store of Jio itself. Friends, how did you like this post? Tell us in the comment box and share it with your friends as much as possible so that they too can get information.


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