How To Expand North GA Heating And Air Conditioner Life-Span?


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When you have installed a North GA Heating and Air Conditioner you expect that it will run for years that have been estimated. But many circumstances develop when the life-span of the AC unit becomes unexpectedly shorter than it should.

What Components Affect Life-Span Of Heating And Air Conditioner?

If you want to know how you can increase the life of your AC then first you should learn what the components are that contribute to making the span of running shorter. Below are the most important factors that can make the life-span of an AC and heating unit diminished.


  1. Installing the appropriate size of the AC unit is the first thing that you need to check. A smaller unit in a large house will not cool or heat up at the right intensity. Installing individual units in each room can be the most appropriate in a large house.
  2. If the material used to create the ventilation system and ducts is not good then air will not reach all corners of the house. This means that the system is damaged and needs immediate repairs.
  3. It has been recommended by North GA Heating and Air Conditioner companies not to use the AC when the weather is tolerable. Spring and autumn are the two seasons when the temperature is moderate, and you don’t feel the need of turning the AC on.
  4. Sometimes the temperature on certain days is higher or lower than usual. This means that the air conditioner or the heating unit will be used more than normal. To adjust the inside temperature has to be increased or decreased according to the outside.
  5. When you have hired an AC company like Wayne’s Heating And Air; the first thing that they inspect is the AC unit. They will check whether the overall condition of the AC. If the condition has become worst within 5 years then the wrong AC was installed.
  6. The worst thing that could affect the efficiency of an AC working is not maintaining it correctly. Also skipping the maintenance scheduled just because thinking that it is a waste of time.

How Can AC Unit Life-Span Be Expanded?

As now you know why the life-span of AC is affected; you have to learn the ways by which you can increase the average life of the furnace and air conditioner. Below are a few vital points that you could follow to increase the life of your AC.

Selecting The Right AC Unit

A few factors have to be considered in this single point. The right size of the air conditioner should be selected. For a large house centrally air-conditioned and heating should be preferred. But for a smaller house, individual units can be installed.

Cleaning Both Indoor and Outdoor Unit

When you have hired AC maintenance companies; they have the task of not only cleaning the indoor unit but also focusing on the outdoor system is important. The area around the outdoor unit has to be cleared so that it doesn’t cause any problems.

Replacement of the Filters

Dirty filters give difficulty to the system because it takes a lot of force to push air through the filters. But the clean filters will allow air to pass easily. Another point to note is to replace the filters if cleaning becomes difficult.

Covering Outdoor Unit with Shade

The outdoor temperature affects the working of the AC; so during the extreme days of summer, the outside unit should be covered with a shade.

Using the AC and Heating System When Necessary

The best way to keep the North GA Heating and Air Conditioner system runner for longer is to use it when extremely necessary. These days are the hot days of summer and cooler days of winter.

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