How to find & edit wp-config.php file in WordPress?


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How to find and edit wp-config.php file: Is your boss yelling at you, “security reasons”, to make changes in the wpconfig.php file?

Note: Prior to making any changes to your wp-config file, we highly advise you to backup your WordPress installation.

Editing wp-config.php without an expert team is it becoming too difficult?

We’ve all been there.

“It can be dangerous to also edit WordPress core files, as you’ve likely heard.”

So, how can the wp-config file be edited securely?

This article will reveal all the facts & proven technique about “How to find and edit wp-config.php file in WordPress“.

  • What is wp-config.php in WordPress?
  • How to find & access wp-config.php
  • How to edit wp-config.php in WordPress
  • Different approached to edit wp-config.php in WordPress

What is wp-config.php in WordPress? 

The file contains the most important configuration settings for your WordPress website. The prefix “wp” stands for “WordPress”, whereas config is an abbreviation for configuration.php. The file type “.php” indicates the type and type of code in the file is PHP.

The WordPress website would not function without wp_config.php. This file is essential to connect WordPress to its database. It contains information such as WordPress settings, themes and plugin settings, user data, and other important information. 

WP-config.php is the bridge between your site’s files, your database, and other configurations. It allows you to add security keys, change table prefixes, relocate core WordPress folders such as WordPress plugins , WordPress-uploadsWordPress-content, and WordPress-plugins.

How to Find & Access wp-config.php?

Wp-config.php, one of the most critical files in your WordPress installation. This file contains the configuration information for your website and can be found in the root directory of your WordPress files.

When you install WordPress, the wp-config.php file will not be included. Based on information provided by user, the WordPress setup creates a WordPress-config.php.

How to Find & Access wp-config.php?
Siteground cloud hosting panel showing WordPress installation process.

Download the wpconfig file via FTP, or your cPanel File Manager. The wpconfig.php file is typically located in the root folder of the site:

Download the wpconfig file via FTP-min

I have given above screen shot of cloud hosting with h-panel.

After you have downloaded the file wp-config.php, you can make any necessary changes and then upload it again to your web server. We recommend backing up WordPress before you make any modifications to the config file. This file contains sensitive information so we advise against editing it.

How to find & edit wp-config.php file in WordPress Using cPanel?

The key file for every WordPress website is named as wp-config.php. It’s always located in the root folder of the website. Whenever you get a database connection error, you need to edit this file. You will locate it in the file manager much like the.htaccess package. But most people are confused and unable to locate the wp-config.php file. You should also be aware that this file includes certain authentications keys.

Since it contains important information, we do not recommend editing it without the backup ofthe file or the website.

You can find it in cPanel > File Manager menu > root folder of the WordPress installation:

How to find and edit wp-config.php

There are several ways to edit edit wp-config.php file

Using cPanel File Manager menu > select the wp-config.php file > click on Code Editor:

First of all, you have to log into cPanel of your web hosting and open the file manager. You can find it in the files’ section.

how to find and edit wp-config.php
how to find and edit wp-config.php file

I am using My Hostinger for demo, the icons will be totally different for different hosting but the options will be quite similar. Even the Siteground users may find it a little different.

But don’t worry, you can easily find the file manager. At some web hostings, it’s named only as Files. you can click on edit menu amd edit the file, save it.

Using FTP/SFTP: How to find & edit wp-config.php file in WordPress?

Download the file to your device and use any text editor, like Notepad or TextEdit, to make the changes. Once done, you will need to reupload the file to the hosting account.

FAQ :: How to find & edit wp-config.php file in WordPress?

Where can I edit WP-config php file?

After you find the file in the root directory you can download WordPress-Config and edit it with a text editor such as Notepad. You can also right-click on the file to edit it in cPanel. It’s a good idea if you have direct access to cPanel. Please go through this article for more details.

Where is the config php?

It’s always located in the root folder of the website.

Where do I find php files in WordPress?

To connect to your site, open your FTP tool. To find the right file, navigate to wp-content/themes/[the name of your theme]. You’ll find the functions when you open this folder. You can also download the php file.

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