Best Ways to Get Color Inspiration for Interior Walls


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Interior Walls: Designing a house is not as simple as it sounds. Even if you’ve given enough time fixing structural flaws and preserving every room’s distinct architectural features, you’re still missing a significant aspect of designing your house. We’re talking about the wall colors.

Paint shades greatly impact how a person views a space, making it incredibly important to choose the right colors for every area of your house. But how do you come up with color inspirations when you’re clueless or don’t know where to start?

Whether you’re trying to come up with the best color combination for bedroom or living room, you cannot randomly decide colors to avoid disastrous results. Hence, we’ve curated this epic guide to end this problemto help homeowners come up with the best color ideas to paint their interior walls.

Take Color Inspiration from Your House Furniture

Heading straight to a paint store can leave you more confused than before. Since most paint stores have a gigantic catalogue featuring numerous hues of a particular shade, picking the right shades can become tricky. But when you visit a paint store with some shortlisted shades, work becomes easier.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend thousands to get color consultations from a professional. You can take a good look around your house and pick at least three to five colors you see on your house furniture.

These colors can act as the base of your color-finding journey. You can list all these colors and start looking for different hues of the same shades. Since the shades are already presented in your house furniture, the final shades will beautifully complement your house elements.

Use Color Wheels or Paint Catalogues

Another easy way to find some excellent color options is using a color wheel or paint catalogue. While a catalogue will have numerous options, a color wheel will help you start with choosing the base colors from limited options. Each color has multiple hues, so you can come close to finding the right shadesusing a color wheel.

If you want your interior walls to be painted with a single shade, proceed with the first shade that gets your attention. You can also look for hues that you feel are beautiful and can transform your house into a visual treat.

Color wheels and catalogues are only meant to derive inspiration, so you don’t necessarily have to pick whatever you come across. You can always seek suggestions and ask for small color patches that you can put against your wall to determine their suitability. You can also use an onlineor offline paint calculator to find which shades are within your budget.

Know All About Whites

If you’re not very knowledgeable about colors, you should know that whites come in awide variety. There are pure white shades created without tinted undertones, and there are also whites featuring warm undertones of yellow, pink, brown, etc. What white you choose depends on your purpose. For example, if you want to focus the highlight on furnishing and artwork present in a room, you should select whites without any tinted undertones.

If you want eye-grabbing white shades, look for whites featuring blue or green undertones. They look exquisite on all interior walls.But if you only want a beautiful white shade to complement any other shade or make the space stand out, proceed with whites having a colored undertone.

Best Ways to Get Color Inspiration for Interior Walls

Right Shades Make all the Difference

Everyone would agree that colors play a massive role in determining the look of a space. But you can only get the best results if your selected color scheme is appropriate. If you don’t have enough color ideas, you can use the effective methods mentioned above to get the best color inspirations for your interior walls. These ways are time-tested, so you won’t be disappointed. 

FAQ: Interior Walls

What is an interior wall?

Interior walls are walls that are enclosed in a building by exterior walls. These walls can be either load-bearing walls within load-bearing structures or walls that don’t bear weight like those in a non-load bearing structure.

Which is the best paint for interior walls?

Emulsion paints, which are high quality paints for interior walls, are ideal for high-traffic areas such as hallways and kitchens. This one is a sure winner! It is water-based paint so it doesn’t have any unpleasant odours.

What is the fastest way to paint interior walls?

The fastest way to paint interior walls is to use a airless sprayer. However, it can produce too much overspray that it’s not practical for painting one wall. You can also use a brush or a roller. The brush can be used to trim around fixtures and corners, while the roller can be used for painting the majority of the wall.

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