How To Handle Business E-Waste?


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The world is awash with electronic devices of every form and size. There’s something for everyone, from outdated computer screens and personal Computers to obsolete cell phones and various cables and accessories. As a result of these, a substantial percentage of business e-waste winds up in landfills, where it gets buried beneath tons of other trash.

E-waste, unsurprisingly, is a significant environmental problem. It isn’t just a prevalent issue but one that’s persisted for years as well. Many businesses have opted for the easy solution; dumping business e-waste, but it appears to be the deadliest way of polluting the planet.

That’s why everyone, especially businesses. should make an effort to handle e-waste properly. If you operate a company, there are steps you can take to control and reduce such wastes. Continue reading to find out.

#1 Recycle

One of the easy ways to fight business e-wastes is by recycling. There are numerous methods for recycling electronic wastes properly. Your business’ outdated devices can be sold, traded, donated to charity, or given to a rubbish removal company to disassemble and recycle the individual parts.

But aside from those, a less hassle way to get business e-wastes recycled is to send them to reputable recycling companies that offer efficient services, like Same-Day Rubbish Removals. The good thing is that most recycling centres nowadays are becoming even more innovative when it comes to disposing of different types of waste properly.

#2 Repair and Upgrade 

Longevity doesn’t make a device obsolete as long as it’s still working properly. You can still request a cost-benefit analysis to repair or reconfigure some of your company’s old hardware. Who knows, some of it can be revived or repurposed with a few minor upgrades. 

Likewise, you can reuse old computer parts to create new items—a cost-effective way to save money. For example, you can hire an expert to repurpose an old CD-ROM by converting it into a music CD player! Cool, isn’t it? Ultimately, it’s a clever way to spend less rather than purchasing new devices and end up with too much waste.

#3 Sell or Barter

Your business may not be able to get much use out of old computers. Luckily, if you look into traders in the market or websites that allow individuals and businesses to sell used goods, you might meet someone who might benefit from your old devices. Some potential buyers may even be looking for equipment that doesn’t have to function. 

When someone expresses interest in purchasing, ensure that your business’ IT department wipes any data and information from the equipment being sold or swapped to prevent the loss of private information.

#4 Make A Charitable Contribution

There are numerous charities that will gladly accept your business’ old electronic equipment for recycling. Working computers can be shipped to third-world countries and donated to their schools there. 

On the other hand, old desktop computers, scanners, printers, and even mobile phones are always open to charitable organizations that aim to eliminate business e-waste by recycling electronic goods. Every piece of equipment donated will be appropriately recycled, and a value donation will be given to your choice of charity. If you don’t have the time, you may drop them off and ask the organizations to pick up the equipment. 

#5 Donate to Communities

Donating your business’ electronic equipment is an option as well. Through this, instead of getting money, your business’s financial and legal departments might be able to tell you if a tax deduction is obtainable.

E-wastes can be donated to the community. Some people donate old devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, to schools. There are also businesses that donate goods to children in hospitals or sell used goods through a third party, keeping only a portion of the profits to cover operating costs. If you’re going to give out your e-wastes, make sure no sensitive data is still on the equipment.

Business E-Waste

Reducing Electronic Wastes

Now that you know how to handle your old electric devices in your business, you can freely choose which step you’ll take to manage or get rid of your current business e-wastes.

Furthermore, in addition to learning how to dispose of such wastes properly, you may want to know how to reduce them this time to avoid having too much of them in the future. Hence, here are a couple of suggestions to avoid accumulating too much e-waste in your business.

Organize What You Have

Without organizing your devices, electrical cables, adapters, and flash drives, you’ll never know exactly what you have and don’t have. The last thing you want is to spend money on something you believe you need only to discover that you already have a duplicate somewhere in your business.

Corporations and businesses are among the most avid users of new technology. Therefore, it might be best to be organized enough to know what you own to avoid duplicating purchases.

Buy Less

Purchasing items your business doesn’t really require is most likely the leading cause of e-wastes. Before purchasing a new gadget or electronic device, try to pause to think and consider whether or not your business actually needs it.


It’s astonishing how many electronics, computers, storage devices, cables, and chargers people have these days. Even so, it has adverse effects, too; people end up accumulating more business e-waste than they’re able to handle. 

This is why it’s best to know how to get business e-wastes under control. If you think your business is guilty of collecting too many e-wastes, feel free to follow the suggestions outlined above.

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