How to increase your productivity: 4 practical tips for those who are going towards a professional goal


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How to increase your productivity: Everyone who works hard on their goals often faces burnout, fatigue and the inability to quickly switch from one to the other. This is normal — our body has its limits and we all need to take a break, recharge and be inspired to achieve new goals. However, there are times when it is not possible to do this: you have a deadline, you have taken on more projects than usual, you are waiting for a promotion or anything else. In such situations, it’s a good idea to know what can be done to increase productivity without compromising mental and physical conditions. This is what we will tell you further.

#1 Delegate the management of your social networks to a specialist

If your activity is connected with the fact that you need to shine online, it would be logical to delegate this responsibility to another person for a while (or forever). Now there is such a profession as a social media manager — if this process takes you a lot of time, it will be great to free yourself from such employment. This person will be able to buy Instagram followers for you, arrange for collaboration with another blogger, set up advertising and follow the blog posting schedule. In general, they will do everything that takes you so much time and nerves.

#2 Try working with a Pomodoro timer

This is a technique that allows you to concentrate on work for a while (most commonly, 25 minutes), and then rest for a fixed amount of time (5-10 minutes) — the working day is divided into such cycles, as a result, you get more productivity and more tangible rest. You don’t procrastinate (which often happens with people who are overloaded with tasks), your brain has a clear framework in order to complete a specific task, and then relax.

#3 Try white noise for better concentration

People who are overloaded with tasks suffer from the inability to focus on a particular case — they are constantly distracted by the phone, sounds, people around. White noise can be a lifeline for you, which will allow you to grasp the right idea or the right process, and not waste time in the cycle of distractions from the task and constant returns to it.


#4 Don’t forget about physical activity

Yes, it may sound like something that you don’t really care about right now, but when your psyche suffers, your body also has a hard time. The body and mind work on the principle of feedback — when one thing gets hit, something else can’t help but feel it and react in a specific way. What do we mean by physical activity? You can not drink coffee in the office, but go for it to the nearest coffee shop; if you use public transport, you can get off a few stops earlier and walk to your destination. Introduce activity into your life carefully and in a dosed manner, do not exhaust yourself with training and demand too much from yourself.

Closing Notes

So, you got it: don’t buy real Instagram followers yourself — delegate it, don’t work for hours on something big — divide the task into steps and work on it in cycles; don’t forget to move and listen to nice sounds to help your mind grasp the task and thrive in the process.

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