How To Install Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets With Cisco Phones?


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The users need to assess the compatibility guide of Cisco phones before installing wireless headphones. You can install Plantronics CS545-XD to become more productive. Hence, users can enjoy all-day comfort with these lightweight headphones. Remote answering can be made possible by using optional Plantronics HL10 or EHS cables. The installation process can be conveniently accomplished either you are using the HL10 handset lifter or not. Additionally, you can also connect CS500 and W700 to your Cisco phone as per your requirement.

Let’s discuss the methods of installing cordless headphones by Plantronics with Cisco phones:

1) In Case of Using HL10 Handset Lifter:

If you are using an HL10 handset lifter, install the handset of the telephone into the Plantronics phone interface cable. After that, install the headset base unit into the handset port of the phone. Leave the port empty and answer or end calls by pressing the call control button on the headphone. All headphone settings are factory default.

2) In Case of Not Using HL10 Handset Lifter:

Install the Plantronics headsets base unit into the headphone port on the telephone. Do not unplug the phone handset and move the compatibility slider switch of the headphone base to letter D. After that, answer or end calls by pressing the headphone call control button and telephone headphone button. In the case of this setup, it is not required to remove the handset off the phone cradle.

3) Using Plantronics CS545-XD Wireless Headphones With Cisco Telephones:

Wireless earphones are liable to make you more productive by allowing you to move freely within the office while talking. CS545-XD is a perfect option to connect with your Cisco phone. Such lightweight and great-sounding earphones are responsible for making your listening experience improved. Hence, you can start inbound and outbound calls on your telephone in this manner. Some Cisco telephones contain a headset button that can be pressed on for making a call. You can conveniently talk and free to roam up to 350 feet from your telephone. Two batteries are included for unlimited talk-time. Moreover, these earphones include over-the-ear and over-the-head wearing options for the sake of the user’s comfort. Hence, you can hear more clearly with speaker and microphone volume adjustments. Effective communication solutions can be offered in such a manner. Plantronics Bluetooth headsets can be easily connected to multiple devices with the help of Bluetooth technology.

4) Optional Plantronics EHS Cable For Remote Answering:

Users want to answer or hang up calls away from their desks to enhance productivity. It can be made possible by connecting your cordless headphones with an HL10 or EHS cable. View compatibility guide to determine which device is compatible with your specific model of phone. Such cables allow people to interact in a better way without any inconvenience.

5) CS500 or W700 Cordless Headsets For Cisco Telephones:

The CS500 series is highly preferred for connecting easily to your Cisco telephone. It works well if your only mode of communicating within the office is through your Cisco phone. All-day comfort and remarkable battery life can get you through the busiest of workdays. However, the Savi W700 can also be used for the sake of user satisfaction. This series not only connects to your Cisco phone but also to your PC and Bluetooth phone. It permits you to keep one headphone charged and ready for use. It is a great convenience to combine three headphones into one. Simply press the PC button on the base if you need to join a webinar or listen to online training. Thus, your headphones become your audio device for your PC instead of blasting the office with your external speakers. Moreover, its wearing styles are the same as that of the CS500 series. You can also gain remote answer or hang-up capabilities with an optional HL10 or EHS cable.

6) Remote Answering and Hang-Up For Cordless Headphones:

Wireless units are accountable for providing you freedom of movement and increased productivity by adding a handset lifter or EHS cable. Thus, you can answer or hang-up calls remotely to increase the profitability of your business. Simply press the call control button on your earphone to answer the call. Your telephone answers the ringing line, and you can start talking. Press the call control button again to disconnect the call. Press the appropriate buttons to dial, transfer the call, or perform any other telephone functions. Some telephones support a handset lifter which raises and lowers your handset for answering a call. The calls can be electronically established on newer phones without the mechanical motor by using the EHS cable. Consequently, you can answer away from your desk and carry on conversations anywhere.

Final Words:

All the above-mentioned ways are responsible for providing complete information regarding the installation of Plantronics Wireless headsets with Cisco phones. Remote answering can be allowed by connecting an HL10 or EHS cable to your headset.

Adding a handset lifter or EHS cable increases productivity and allows you to answer, or hang-up calls remotely. Thus, you can answer calls away from your desk and continue conversations anywhere. You can either use CS500 or W700 according to your desire. You can buy the desired gadgets by visiting FindHeadsets.


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