Pregnant in Pandemic? Here’s how to keep mothers and newborns safe from coronavirus


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It was earlier thought that if COVID-19 was similar to other viruses, the risk of becoming infected in pregnant women would increase. At that time, we did not know if it was because there was not much direct information about COVID-19 and pregnancy. Since then, more information has been revealed. The best data suggest that pregnancy is a definite risk factor for COVID-19. Pregnant women with critical illness are at increased risk of experiencing complications.

Special attention is required to prevent and reduce the negative consequences of covid-19 for pregnant women and newborns. All pregnant women, including new mothers or suspected, should be very careful and take precautions, during and after delivery.

Governments, doctors and health experts around the world are trying and convinced to bring the pandemic under control. Meanwhile, despite lockdown, isolation and quarantine, life goes on. For pregnant mothers and newborns, stress and anxiety are particularly large. How do mothers protect themselves from infection before giving birth and then keep their newborns safe?

There are simple steps that we can all take to protect ourselves, our loved ones and the weakest from covid-19. Read on and stay safe from the deadly virus.

Pay attention to your own needs

The challenges of new mothers can certainly be overwhelming at times. Rest as much as you can – try to sleep when the child does. Take time for yourself when your partner or other watches the child. Put on your headphones, call a friend or relative, offer a cup of tea, or just relax. When you are stress-free and relaxed, it will be easy for you to focus more on the baby’s health.

Breastfeeding is gold

Doctors and Physicians recommend that mothers should not stop breastfeeding their babies. It is good to take precautions before feeding your baby and cleaning your hands before feeding your baby. You can visit to see more tips about breastfeeding your baby and its benefits. If you see symptoms of it or COVID-19 has been or may be detected, you may wear a mask and continue to breastfeed your baby as your antibodies will help prevent infection of your little one.

Consult a doctor if needed

Most hospitals and health experts have announced that vaccines can be delayed and later administered to children. If you or your baby are experiencing any discomfort, please consult your doctor or a video call before traveling to the hospital. Please consult your paediatrician to give your child any medication for flu-like symptoms.

Follow good hygiene and cleanliness

It is necessary to cover the mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing. In addition, infants under two years of age should not wear masks because they have small airways and are difficult to breathe under a cloth’s guise. Please make sure that anyone who enters your home, maid or cook, cleans themselves thoroughly before wearing the baby and wears a mask at all times. In addition, make sure you follow a safe and hygienic preparation of food for your little one – using separate chopping boards, washing your hands between handling raw and cooked food. It is equally important to stay informed about the latest Coronavirus information and follow the advice.

Find a Forum

New mothers can discuss their experiences or take advice from other new mothers. In addition to seeking help from friends, relatives, neighbours and medical professionals, look for discussion forums and mothers’ communities dedicated to sharing problems online.

Don’t be a part of festivities

The birth of the child is a cause for celebration, and family and friends want to congratulate all the parents and see the child. It should not happen. Mother and child should stay indoors and stay away from anyone who may be the source of infection. If you want to congratulate the new mothers on upcoming mothers day, send happy mothers day flowers, gifts online at her doorsteps (make sure they are properly sanitised)

Parents are already experiencing too much stress to bring their newborn home; if you are taking general precautions such as masking, physical distance, and hand hygiene don’t stress too much about it. These steps will prevent not only the spread of COVID-19 elsewhere, but also in your homes. Stay safe! Stay healthy!

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