How to Make Your House Self Sufficient


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We should all be concerned about the planet’s well-being. In recent weeks, scientists have confirmed that globally, we are now going to face the irreversible consequences of climate change- such as natural disasters, drastic weather changes, food shortages and irreversible changes to other physical systems. The negative change in our climate which could have been slowed down (if not prevented) through lifestyle changes has been ignored globally for decades- which now means we have entered the red zone, meaning irreversible damage as the planet slowly dies. For as long as the planet has left (not to sound too depressing!) We should each take responsibility for our contributions to the earth’s damage. We may not have the money or facilities to make huge changes overnight, but we do have the ability to make small changes to our lives that may further slow down the negative effects of climate change.

 Having a sustainable, self-sufficient house is becoming ever more sought after on the property market and can increase the value of your home. It demonstrates that your home is eco-friendly and looking towards the future design-wise, in addition to being a great selling point. So, if you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?”, maybe it’s time so have a sustainable home, and here at We Buy Any House have provided our best ideas.

Vegetable Garden:

Cultivating your own food is a great way to provide for yourself and your family, as well as being a fun hobby that can be used as a bonding activity. Growing vegetables and fruits from the comfort of your own home allow you to consume fresh, green food- which not only helps the planet but ensures you are consuming healthy food without chemicals and other preservatives. It’s not impossible to grow your own food, and there are plenty of instruction manuals and tutorials online and in paper form. Furthermore, a vegetable garden will stop you from using plastic and other food wrappers which are bad for the planet.


We all hate it when it rains, as it does nothing but bring our morale down and ruin our hair. Yet despite this, rain can be a great contribution to a sustainable home. Collecting rainwater has many purposes, from feeding plants and animals, flushing the toilet without using the pump, and even to being boiled and used for washing dishes. It saves money and reduces energy waste as you won’t be turning on the taps.

Solar Power:

If the country you live in has the right conditions for capturing adequate sunlight, then using solar power is a great way to power your entire home. They work by absorbing the sun rays to harness energy and are brilliant for the environment and are a better alternative. You can get two types: rooftop panels and standalone panels. Solar Panels also add value to your property, so are a worthy investment.

Reduce Energy Consumption:

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to be kinder to the planet is to reduce energy consumption at the home. Considering ways to lower your energy bills through small steps such as shorter showers, lowering or turning off the heating if it’s not necessary, or using more natural light instead of artificial lighting is a great way to save the planet and your pockets!

Wood Burning Stove:

An alternative to a modern heating system is a wood-burning stove. These may seem old-fashioned or country-style but are much more effective and kinder to the planet. They make it easy to regulate temperature and air intake, and knowing you can heat your entire property during an outage is magic.

Compost Box:

Conserve resources by starting a compost bin in your own garden. Transform your lawn, be kinder to the planet by allowing food leftovers to turn into rich soil. A cost-efficient and low maintenance alternative, it’s also a great way to teach your children the importance of not wasting food, and if they do, how they can use it for the greater good.


We hear how important it is to recycle, but how many of us stick to it? Recycling allows us to separate useful materials from one another, see what items can be reused and, unfortunately, must go to landfill. Setting up a designated recycling area or investing in a high-tech bin with recycling compartments is a great way to ensure you’re doing your bit for the planet in terms of recycling.

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