How to make your restaurant profitable post-pandemic?


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The restaurant industry is yet to tide over the crisis caused by Covid-19. It led to a sharp decline in the footfalls at restaurants and many of the establishments were forced to shut down. As per the survey by National Restaurant Association, more than 110000 restaurants have closed permanently or long-term across the United States. In this scenario, the topic of how to increase restaurants sales assumes greater significance.    

Tips to make your restaurant profitable

Go contactless and attract more diners – Restaurant customers have become more safety conscious than ever. As per the report by Forbes, 3 in 4 diners say health and safety concerns are their biggest deterrent to dining out in person. Inresto, India’s leading restaurant management platform offers the best solution for this problem.

Now diners at your restaurant can reserve the seats in advance using mobile app. They can opt for contactless seating and order food using the contactless digital menu. The option to make payments using digital wallets makes it a completely safe dining experience. Offering a more hygienic experience will no doubt attract more footfalls at your restaurant.

Smart inventory management to cut down wastage – Wastage of food materials makes a major dent to your profits. With the help of restaurant inventory management software, now you can achieve a drastic reduction in wastage. Get timely notifications whenever it’s time to place the fresh order of stock. It also effectively curbs the inventory theft by employees. Another major benefit of the software is that you can track the stock status live from any location, anytime.

Loyalty programs to increase traffic – The best part of a smart loyalty program is that it encourages your existing customers to make repeated visits at your restaurant. Design a loyalty program based on the number of visits or amount spend by diners. Instant reward redemption in the form of discounts makes the program more attractive. Send timely notifications to customers regarding the status of the loyalty points and the latest offers.

Parting Words 

Profit margins have become wafer-thin, and restaurants are grappling with the stiff challenges posed by Covid-19. The conventional techniques of restaurant management can no longer help you in boosting sales. The need of the hour is to invest in robust restaurant management software. Apart from cutting down wastage, it helps achieve financial discipline and boost sales enormously at your restaurant.

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