How To Safely Dispose Old Computers And Gadgets


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Dispose Old Computers : Over the years, the world has seen significant growth in technology. Any advances made almost always result in certain equipment becoming obsolete as new versions enter the market. These improved versions are brought about due to the need for more storage space, higher processing speed, better mobility, or smaller working space. As such, when better equipment is available, you may look to get rid of the old to accommodate the new.

Some people opt to let their old stuff sit in a storage locker or basement. However, there are ways you can declutter your space of discarded electronic equipment. For instance, there are companies that are available to take care of your electronic waste in an environment-friendly way so that you don’t have to stress about its disposal.

To help you safely dispose of old computers and gadgets, here are several options you can use.

What’s no longer useful to you can still be a valuable piece of equipment to another. Thus, when thinking of how you want to get rid of your old gadgets, check if there are organisations that accept donations of electronics in your area. For the most part, these may be organisations that will then use the equipment to improve their operations.

If there are no charity organisations in your area, there might be nearby learning institutions willing to accept old computers and other gadgets to use in their teaching programmes. For example, as computers are evolving and new operating systems (OS) are rapidly emerging, learning institutions may need older OS versions to compare functionalities. You don’t necessarily have to look for charity groups only, as colleges and universities may have programmes that accept old electronics.

How To Safely Dispose Old Computers And Gadgets

Take Them To An E-Waste Recycling Centre

Certified e-waste companies run electronic-waste recycling centres in some areas. These companies make it their business to safely recycle old electronic gadgets that would otherwise be harmful to the environment.

With regular waste disposal, trash and discarded items may sometimes end up in soil, rivers, and other water bodies. While some of this waste may not have adverse effects on the water or soil, electronic waste contains toxic substances that can harm the living organisms in these natural habitats. This is where e-waste recycling companies come in, as they help reduce the amount of electronic waste disposed of inappropriately.

Sell Them

What you may consider old, someone else might see as relatively new. For this reason, you don’t have to hold on to a box of old junk, not knowing what to do with it. Nowadays, you can effortlessly scour social media sites and find groups for buyers and sellers of used items.

Additionally, there are sites you can use to sell your old electronics. These sites are easily accessible to all; you only need to do a few searches on the web, and you are good to go.

Apart from selling your gadgets online, you can check your locality for shops that buy old electronics. These shops are a convenient place to get rid of electronics you deem too old or have replaced with a newer version.

Take Them To The Manufacturer’s Collection Centre

In the tech industry, competition is so tough that electronics companies consistently try to roll out newer and better versions of their products to stay relevant. This means that, at some point, they may stop providing support and maintenance for older versions. Some of these companies allow you to return your older gadget, top up a certain amount, and get the latest version.

Furthermore, some electronics companies set up designated drop-off points where you can take your old or broken gadgets. One thing to know is that these drop-off points most likely only accept products from the same company. Thus, you should check the manufacturer’s website to see if they do have a drop-off point at your location. Additionally, you can check with your local electronics distributor if it has a drop-off policy.

Important Note

Electronic devices store your information over time; therefore, you need to be sure to erase your data from these devices before handing them over. Any leftover data stored in these devices could lead to cybercrime. Thus, it’s recommended that you reformat them or, in the case of mobile devices, restore their factory settings.


To conclude, getting rid of your old computers and other electronic gadgets could depend on your location and the nearby options available. Your device status or the reason for its disposal could also come into play. Whichever option you opt to use for disposal, each one mentioned above gives you a safe way to ensure your devices are disposed of properly.

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