Kratom: How to Store your Kratom? Do’s and Don’ts


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What happens to your kratom when you purchase it in bulk? Do you realise that the strength and freshness are dwindling? That’s a complete waste of your priceless herb, as well as your hard-earned cash. However, have you ever delved further to see what may have gone wrong on your end of the chain of command? For long-term usage of it, you may not have taken the proper precautions.

To preserve the effectiveness of your kratom, you must follow a few simple principles while keeping it. To keep it fresh, here are some simple guidelines to follow!

Why Is Kratom Storage Important?

A tropical tree native to Southeast Asia known as Mitragyna Speciosa produces kratom. After harvesting, drying, and grinding the leaves, the powder is ready to use. It is then either ground into a powder or encapsulated for sale. People wonder about where to buy kratom online but it has become very convenient as the reviews and brand image can be checked out over the internet. 

After the leaves are harvested, the optimal time to utilise it is within three months. The alkaloid content is at its peak over these three months. When used over long periods, the quality of the plant degrades, making it a condition-dependent supplement. Because mitragynine pseudoindoxyl is formed during this time, the substance’s strength, freshness, and flavour will be noticeably altered upon intake.

You must understand how to properly store it to extend its shelf life and prevent it from deteriorating soon.

What Impacts Kratom’s Shelf Life?

How to Store your Kratom?

The external environment significantly impacts the shelf life of the herb. Therefore, it’s critical to understand what should be avoided while keeping it in the first place.

  • UV Light: The alkaloid profile of the plant will be changed as a result of extended exposure to UV light, resulting in a reduction in its effectiveness. The presence of light has been shown to significantly reduce the potency of the herb. However, increased exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV light) has been shown to have fewer negative consequences.
  • Changes in temperature: It is advisable to store it in a cool environment. If the powder is maintained at a high temperature for an extended time, the alkaloids will likewise degrade. The effects of exposing your supplement to fast temperature changes are quite negative. As a consequence, the popularity of it will plummet.
  • Oxygen Exposure: Oxygen has a variety of interactions with organic compounds, including kratom. Therefore, when exposed to air, it will begin to oxidise. It is anticipated that the potency of it will be greatly lowered as a consequence of this approach.

Do’s and Don’ts while Storing Kratom 


While storing kratom, bear in mind the following do’s:

  • Use an airtight container to store kratom 

To reduce its potency, one must avoid oxidation, which is a chemical reaction hastened by oxygen and alters molecules such as mitragynine, the principal alkaloid in it. For example, a chemical molecule called mitragynine pseudoindoxyl may be formed when mitragynine is exposed to oxygen for an extended period, resulting in an oxidation process.

If you intend on keeping your herb in an airtight container for a lengthy time, you must do it in a manner that minimises exposure to air and oxygen. Even vacuum sealing it in a plastic container is a sure-fire technique to prevent exposure to air, which slows down the oxidation process dramatically.

  • Store it in a cool, dry place

The presence of even a trace amount of moisture may destroy your herb stockpile, resulting in mould formation and breakdown. As a result, it is critical to keep an eye out for signs of moisture. If you want to avoid this problem, store it in an airtight container in a dry, low-humidity environment.

  • Keep your kratom in the dark place

Sunlight’s UV light, an unseen foe, may degrade your herb. If you’ve ever seen how quickly certain textiles fade after being exposed to the sun for an extended length of time, you’ll have some idea of how UV light damages the herb.

Because of this, you must store it in a dark place and shield it from any light, including ambient light. In addition, since greenhouse lights emit UV radiation, it’s critical to keep your kratom supply out of the direct sunlight.


How to Store your Kratom?

While storing kratom, here are several things to avoid:

  • Don’t let it oxidise

Another major cause of poor kratom is the oxidation of the powder. The cells are damaged when oxygen interacts with the powder. As a result, you cannot use its antioxidants to remove unhealthy substances from your systems. So you need to keep your herb in an airtight container so that it doesn’t come into contact with oxygen.

  • Avoid storing kratom in used containers

Whether you have bought kratom for depression and anxiety or just for pain relaxation, you need to take care to not to store it in used containers. When Mitragyna Speciosa is kept in containers that have already been used, it is possible that the potency and freshness of the plant may be compromised. Therefore, when keeping it for an extended time, be sure to use new containers every time.

  • Don’t purchase cheap and low-quality kratom

Always check that your kratom supplier is respected in the kratom community, uses independent testing labs, and adheres to good manufacturing practises (GMP). These aspects will determine the quality of the herb you get and the effectiveness of the encounter you have.

3 Easy Ways to Properly Store Kratom

If you follow these three simple tips, you can take your storage practice to the next level. So observe these instructions, and then proceed!

  • Keep a separate container for the herb you want to use for the next two weeks. The whole supply of kratom will be ruined if you open the main box too often.
  • Vacuum-sealed bags are the best way to keep the herb fresh and potent. Also, when storing oxidation-sensitive items like kratom, vacuum bags come in helpful.
  • Do you know that it may be stored in a freezer? They’re completely dry, chilly, and dark. If you purchase in bulk, it may be kept in the family freezer or a separate, smaller freezer.


Kratom may be used for up to a year if it is properly preserved. However, the freshness of it peaks roughly three months following harvest thus, it’s preferable to buy in smaller quantities. If you’re purchasing it for the first time, start with modest doses and see how long they last. Then, you’ll know exactly how much kratom you need to purchase the next time.

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