So here you are on this blog because you are having some problems communicating with your friends. You feel that your opinions are not valued enough, you are taken lightly and often made fun of. Well, it’s no big deal. It happens with many and of course there is an amazing solution to this. 

You just have to follow three tips: Firstly you have to speak intelligently,  secondly you have to educate yourself and finally you have to develop a body language worthy of being noticed. 

If you want to do smart practice first or you have no friends then most people love to chat online with strangers for making new friends. SO, you can also use these kinds of platforms like Omegle tv, camsurf, ome-i, Chatroulette, and more.

Some Best Tips While Chatting First Time

So let’s start discussing these tips. So the absolute beginning is to use some big words to sound knowledgeable but sparingly. It is very important that if you need to put your impression on your friends , you must tempt yourself to have good vocabulary. Obviously it shouldn’t be forced. It has to be very natural. 

One point to be noted is that to impress others, you must be expressive enough. To do this obviously you have to speak with emotion because people who speak with emotion appear smarter. A tiny suggestion is to be a bit excited rather than being monotonous. Do practice and work upon voice modulation. 

Like you must know when you should lower your voice and when you should sound a bit dominant. And obviously be a listener. Let others talk because that’s when your friends will realise that you really notice and care for what they do or say. 

Another factor is that often who try to dominate the conversation look insecure so do give them a chance to express themselves.  Also note down a point that you pause to ask questions. When you feel like losing control over yourself  just calm, take a deep breath and listen to your fellow mates.

Read Online Book And Watch Videos

You have to go through topics that your friends are interested in and you have to be quite genuine in whatever you are doing. Do not fake yourself . If you fake yourself you will lose all your friends. Go through online articles, read a lot of books , see youtube videos and educate yourself enough to keep up a talk with someone long enough to grab their interest in you. 

Also never forget to update yourself on the news. Look for genuine sources to update like BBC and NPR so that you always have the best information in your friends circle. You can do this thing by yourself with the help of Omegle tv or Ome tv chat online random web platform.

What about your personality

Finally comes the part where body language comes into play. Have proper eye contact while talking to someone. Do not stare for a long time or else it looks creepy.  Eye to eye matches make you look more grown up. You can blink and move your eyes a bit to avoid creepiness. Always remember to sit and stand straight. Don’t slouch, it doesn’t look good. Also have an open body language. Use gestures while talking. 

People with closed body language are very unattractive and people do not like to talk to them. Some other few small tips are to have a genuine smile on your face, it looks beautiful,  and follow proper dress code. You can refer to blogs or youtube videos to know more about dressing sense and finally wear glasses. It completely takes the attention.


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