How to update QuickBooks Desktop to 2021?


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Which version of the QuickBooks are you using now? Is it an old one or the latest release? Well, QuickBooks is robust accounting software and every single one of them is good. But when it comes to compatibility with today’s technology, the latest release is the one you need to develop with the pace of the technical world. Therefore, to upgrade or to know about the latest releases of QuickBooks connect with us at our QuickBooks Upgrade Support Phone Number +1-855-533-6333 We will assist you to upgrade your software and guide you through its processing with the latest information.

Benefits of upgrading the QuickBooks 

While using QuickBooks you are already immune to access some eminent features to manage your business’s accounting & bookkeeping smoothly. However, with every single release from time to time, Intuit is getting ahead with QuickBooks to meet the demand of customers, industry as well as the need for the evolving technical world. Quickbooks comprise numerous remarkable features and tools and the latest one always has some new and some enhanced features to smoothen your financial tasks with productivity. The following are common yet uncommon benefits you will receive by updating your software. 

  • Smoothness in functioning
  • Fast and more integrated with tools
  • Latest features to manage bookkeeping & accounting 
  • Systematic and integral dashboard 
  • Improved tools and features without former shortcomings
  • Latest tools to prevent glitches
  • Technical advancement in all aspect i.e. automation 
  • User-friendly interface and enhancement 

These points are enlisted just to give you an idea about how beneficial upgrading with the latest release. So did you decide to upgrade your software? If so then lets us elaborate on the upgrading process. First of all, the system requirements for the latest release. 

System requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2021

Operating systems

  • Windows 10, all editions including 64-bit, natively installed1
  • Windows 8.1 (Update 1) all editions including 64-bit, natively installed

Database servers


 Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2019

Browser requirement

Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit)

Hardware requirements

RAM:- 4GB minimum, we recommend 8G

Server RAM requirements

  • 1-5 users: 8GB
  • 10 users: 12GB
  • 15 users: 16GB 
  • 20 users: 20+GB

Processor:-2.4 GHz minimum

Screen resolution:- Display optimized for 1280×1024 screen resolution or higher.

                                 Best optimized for Default DPI setting for a given computer.

Disk space:- 2.5GB disk space, additional required for data files.

                     60MB for Microsoft.NET 4.6 runtime.

Optical drive:- 4X DVD-ROM drive required for CD installations (unless QuickBooks is downloaded from Intuit server)                 

Integration with other software

  • Microsoft word and excel integration requires office 2013 SP2-2019 or office 365 (32 and 64 bit)

How to update QuickBooks Desktop to 2021?

Here we are categorizing the methods of updating into two

Update from within existing application 

Follow the steps below to upgrade your application within the current one.

  • First of all launch QuickBooks and go to the help menu
  • From the menu select the ‘upgrade QuickBooks’ option.
  • Then click on ‘update now’ if you have already purchased the latest version, if not then click on ‘buy now’.
  • Then QuickBooks will ask you to enter license and product information
  • After entering the required information click on ‘continue’
  • Quickbooks will show you the latest release in prompt then you need to select it and click on the option ‘update now’.
  • To remove the older version of the application remove the checkmark against ‘keep the old version on my computer’ and click on ‘next’ or ‘let’s go’.
  • Once the installation process completes choose ‘open QuickBooks’ in order to use your latest version. 

Download and install the latest version 

Step 1:Firstly you need to download the latest release from the official website of Intuit. Download the file and save it on your system.

Step 2: Now open the ‘quickbooks.exe’ file and follow the on-screen instruction in order to install. That will include license agreement, product details, etc. 

Step 3: After entering license and product details you need to choose the way of installation i.e. to express or custom & network. We have provided essential steps & info so select according to your requirements.

Express install 

In three cases you should go for express install that is if your installing 

  1. First time
  2. Reinstalling  
  3. Or planning to use the application on a single system.

In such a case select ‘express’ and click on ‘next’ and then ‘install’. Once the procedure is complete tap on ‘open QuickBooks’.

Custom & network install

In the following cases, you should go for custom & network install that are 

  1. Installing application to a location other than default
  2. Planning to set up multi-user network
  3. Hosting company file on a server

In such cases choose ‘custom & network install’ and click on ‘next’. After that select the location in which you want to install the application and then tap on ‘next’ and then ‘install’. Thereafter tap on ‘open QuickBooks’.

Step 4: After that installation, you need to activate the application. If it didn’t activate automatically then you need to activate it manually. For it head to the ‘help’ menu and select ‘activate QuickBooks desktop’ then you need to follow the on-screen instruction in order to activate the software. Once it activates you are set to go!! 

Final words 

Now you know ‘how to upgrade QuickBooks desktop to 2021’ hope it will be helpful. For any professional assistance, dial QuickBooks upgrade support phone number +1-855-533-6333.

Raushan Kumar
A Cook, Software analyst & Blogger.


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