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Wigs have become a must-have for women who find them an accessory to have for their hair look. They make one’s life much better as they are able to change hair appearance. One priority for all wig wearers is they are looking for a convenient transformation from their wigs. Additionally, more often than not great wig requires a professional and some sought of adhesive to secure the wigs scaring off a lot of women from wigs. Glueless human hair wigs were introduced to the market to tackle those two key issues: convenience and useability. In this article, we take you through steps on how to easily and conveniently put on and take off your wig.  



  1. What Is A Glueless Human Hair Wigs
  2. How To Wear A Glueless Human Hair Wigs
  3. Conclusion

What Is A Glueless Human Hair Wigs

It is unquestionable how many glueless human hair wigs have come in and disrupted the wig industry and is one of the most in-demand types of wig in the market. As the name suggests, glueless wigs do not require attaching the wig to the scalp. They are a game changer considering traditional wigs reunite to be attached with some sought of glue or tape to secure the wig to prevent it from falling off. This makes wearing a wig a bit of a messy experience and time-consuming waiting for the adhesive to dry down. All this application process and money spent on glue has turned off many women from trying on wearing wigs. Glueless human hair wigs have become popular as they have eliminated those problems. Additionally, they are great for the hairline, without the use of glue the wig is gentle on the scalp.

We know the biggest question is will your glueless human hair wig fall off and the answer is no. Luvmehair is dedicated to providing revolutionized highly constructed glueless human hair wigs that will not fall off. We pride ourselves on providing excellent quality and experience for women finding the right type of wigs such as bob lace front wigs and headbands for wigs that will efficiently transform your look.


To ensure you get to properly wear your wig below we have given guidelines on how to correctly wear your glueless human hair wigs.

  1. To ensure the wig stays securely on the head you have to get the right size of the wig. If the glueless human hair wig is too big it will likely fall off and if it is too small it will be light and uncomfortable. Measure your head circumference to have the correct base size measurements. You can measure two sides of the hairline and the width: side to side that is ear to ear.
  2. To guarantee the wig looks natural and gives the illusion of your own hair, make sure that your natural hair is lying flat. You can braid hair into small cornrows or you can pull your hair back in a ponytail and braid it at the nape of your neck. Secure the natural hair under a wig cap. The wig cap will act as a barrier protecting your hair from any possible damage that can be caused by friction from the glueless human hair wig. Note that the longer and thicker the hair the more effort is required to ensure the hair is laying flat.
  3. Despite the no use of adhesive on a glueless human hair wig it is vital to ensure just your scalp area and hairline wear the glueless wig will lay on is extremely clean. This will prevent any damage from the glueless wig and keep it and its construction intact for a long time. You can wash your face and use a cotton pad dabbed on alcohol to wipe any residue or sweat off your hairline, or the hair edges.
  4. To assist in safely securing the glueless human hair wig we use small comb attachments and adjustable straps. So position them correctly. With the adjustable band at the nape and comb attachments on your sides and back. 
  5. Place glueless human hair on your head adjusting the adjustable straps at the back and at the front until it will look the best and give you a natural hairline at the front. When satisfied with the placement, and adjustment, close the comb attachment clips.
  6. Style the wig how you deem best to make you look and feel good.

Removal is a one-step process. Simply pull out the wig after opening the comb attachments.


We hope you are swayed by how easy it is to wear glueless human hair wigs and excited to get yourself one. 

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