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If you are looking for a sporty pair of wireless earbuds or prefer to use your luxury running earphones or headphones while working out, check out our HUAWEI for sports headphones. Every man has his own style. In addition, the company provides many different items at various price points, ranging from the higher end of the mass market to the lower end of the budget spectrum.

For today, we are exploring the running earphones, which comes packed with many techniques and approaches. While this speaker is wireless, it is approved for use in harsh environments, it has an IP55 rating, can block noise, and can even play 24 hours on a single charge.

Design, fit, and materials

If you want to customize the model, you can choose between Obsidian Black, Dawn, and the Spruce Green that we are using for this review. They went with the base-the-around-the-the-the-neck design for the FreeLace Pro, connecting the two earbuds to each other with a wire.

Due to the fact that the two metal pieces are surrounded by a softer metal casing, they are only at the centers and weigh 34 grammes.

The control volume buttons are located on the front right side of the front panel of the MP3 player, as well as the power switch. Using this option, you can uncover the USB-C connector, as well as pull off the bottom portion of the metal section to reveal the USB standard USB port the power adapter is included with the package, or you can connect it into a USB-C port to charge using the cable that is included.

We recommend you plugging in the earbuds into your phone’s headphones jack rather than into the recent HUAWEI directly. This prevents all FreeLace Pro headphones from being paired with the device but charges FreeLace earbuds.

There are three sizes of hemp flowers available for free with the FreeLace Pro: small, medium, and large Identifying the proper size of your earring is only takes a small amount of time, and once you have done so, it will remain in your ear as you move about or do sports activities. they will fall out unless you gently pries them out with a fork


There was no setup necessary; simply plugging the Mate 40 Pro headphones into the phone’s USB Type-C port allowed the phones to pair. To Pair with running earphones: EMUI 11 will automatically detects if you have any, and will ask if you want to connect.

Battery life

To guarantee 100% battery life during the first run with the power is already in the package, we need to remove the power and plug them in.

There was no way to accurately quantify the existence of the batteries with HUAWEI, which, of course, is impossible, but we believe HUA claims its batteries last all day. In that time, we have been using it consistently for three weeks, and there is still enough battery for another full week of everyday use.

The new Huawei devices have their proprietary fast charging proprietary wire in the box already built in. They simply charge FreeLace Pro by plugging it into the Type-C connector on the box.

If you do not have USB Type-C chargers, you can use a USB Type-A one to charge your running earphones directly. You can also buy a USB Type-C to Type-C cable to do that.

The magnetic backs of these headphones are also a good, as they help keep your headphones in place while running or while biking to provide a more stable connection. [Also] keeps the two earbuds together magnetically, but disassociates when unplugged from your device, and then re-joins to it.

Phone calls, audio quality and noise cancellation

Thanks to the numerous microphones on the one in-Callin-patent-pending One’s Voice Exaggerator technology, those on the other end can hear your voice at its optimum level of volume regardless of background noise. If you’re in an outside person, the traffic won’t make you miserable, and you can be noisy, or if you are in an indoor person, the party can drown out anything else, and you can be quiet.


For pairing with the HUA Mate Pro and the iPhone 12+, we have also used the HUAWEI’s free-Lace with the HUA+ case. There was just one difference. We did not notice any variations except for the fact that the experience is smooth when combined with a HUA device.


From a recommendation standpoint, there is no way we can refrain from recommending FreeLace Pro. It is long-lasting, gets the job done, and offers exceptional audio, so it’s a great investment. Additionally, it has good water resistance, efficient features, which makes it worthwhile. And because of this, it’s very strong protection from noise, it has an IP ranking.

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