Microwave ovens have become an essential part of our lifestyles today due to our busy schedules. This appliance can serve you food from scratch, defrost frozen foods, or even warm foods right to your liking in just a few seconds.

With its efficiency, this appliance has steadily grown in popularity over the years.

IFB’s microwave oven range comes with a variety of features that meet your culinary needs. The IFB Microwave offers a whole range of valuable functions, options, and menus to help you prepare healthy, delicious meals.

With the IFB Microwave Oven, you can design a kitchen that perfectly complements the aesthetics and modernity of your modular design. IFB microwave oven provides solo, grill and convection options for the complete cooking experience. The IFB microwave oven makes cooking as seamless and effortless as possible, no matter if you are preparing elaborate family meals, having a Sunday barbeque, or just eating quickly.

An IFB microwave oven offers the following advantages and benefits:

  • Easily blends with any modular kitchen decor.
  • Modernizes the aesthetics of the kitchen.
  • Reduce cooking time by combining cooking techniques and multi-stage cooking.
  • Cooking a variety of cuisines takes minimal effort with Auto Cook menus.
  • The Delay Start feature, the Weight + Speed Defrosting, and the Express Cooking feature can be accessed.
  • The IFB Spice Secrets platform offers healthy, oil-free recipes.
  • Child lock for improved safety.

Health benefits of using an IFB microwave oven

  • Vitamin and mineral retention is high

Cooking methods often destroy essential nutrients. Microwave meals maintain essential nutritional value due to the short heating, little or no water addition, and covered cooking methods. In addition to vegetables and burritos, mashed potatoes, soups, popcorn, and casseroles can also be eaten.

  • Enhancing the flavor of food

Meals can be microwaved in their juice, eliminating the need to add butter, oil, or salt. So you can enjoy the food without consuming additional sodium, sugar, or fat by locking in the flavor of the food. In addition, the microwave can help promote weight loss programs if certain foods are cooked in it.

  • Fast and delicious meals

While using a microwave oven for preparing quick meals is convenient, it is also possible to prepare nutritious meals. For example, steam bags help prepare fresh salmon, crisp vegetables, and desserts such as sliced apples with cinnamon, almonds and honey.

Benefits of using an IFB Microwave Oven

Saves Time

The time we may have lost doing various things in life can never be returned. With microwaves, you can set timers to warm or cook food, thereby saving lots of time. The timers can be set differently or automatically programmed according to the type of food.

Provides Ease in Cooking

People will probably prefer to cook food on a gas stove or an induction cooktop in the future. As a result, the microwave now occupies an important place in the kitchen as a device that can perform numerous tasks, including reheating leftover food, making crunchy popcorn, or even heating packed food. Those, too, are safe and automated because they shut down after a certain period.

Easy to Clean

A microwave is far easier to maintain or clean than utensils that are old and may stay with you for a more extended period, creating a lot of hassle in your kitchen routine. Cleaning a microwave requires no more than wiping it from the inside with a cotton cloth. A tiny drop of lemon juice boiled in water inside the microwave will remove the smell from your oven.

Reduced supervision

Depending on the task at hand, microwaves may require little or no supervision. It only takes choosing the correct recipe number in the microwave settings. It simply takes placing the food in the microwave, setting the time or recipe number, and double-checking only once or twice to ensure it is done.

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