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India’s 5 Best Online Learning Platform: We’re going to tell you about this post. Friends as we all know after the expansion Internet, there have been many revolutionary changes in our lives.

As we no longer have to stand in line for hours to fill out any form of form, and now we can order anything online at home, and many more great facilities have been provided to us with the help of the Internet.

But what I felt was a great change from the coming of the internet online learning Yes, now if we have to learn something like any computer course like : Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Mobile App Development and Digital Marketing We can now sit at our home and learn all these things online.

And not just a computer course but a computer course English Speaking Course, or The Preparation of a Competitive Exam, everything we can learn from the Internet.

But for this we need to know accurately what is the best online learning platform? Well, there are many but what are the best, that’s what we’ll tell you today in this particular post as well as these online platforms and what features you give –

India’s 5 Best Online Learning Platform

India's 5 Best Online Learning Platform

So if you’re just preparing for a competitive exam or just have to do the English speaking course, you have to Have a smartphone and are connected to the Internet |

But if you are doing a computer course, you have Laptop or computer You must be able to practice on which you can.

So let’s go now India’s Five Best Online Learning Platforms Know about in detail –

1. Byju’s Learning App

Byju App’s Ad also has a lot to go on that you must have seen on IPL. This app not only focuses on school going students but also completes popular competitive exams.

This includes all state-level boards, ICSE and CBSE courses for class 6-10, followed by IIT JEE and NEET preparation for class 11-12.

In addition, you get UPSC, Bank PO, IAS, and many more courses on this app. Note that courses are not free- although they have free trial and scholarship programs of class 4-12 students.

Highlights of Byju’s Learning App

Along with school subjects Competitive Preparation also has the facility.

Your every Dow’s Solution Get and har Monitor student is done.

In the course practice session is also and exercises also

And you need to complete the course Scholarship program Also, there is.

2. Vedantu Live Learning App

Vedantu Live Learning App, providing free access to all your live online classes at current. Premium content for Classes 1-12, CBSE, ICSE, Boards, KVPY, NTSE, IIT JEE & NEET, can also be obtained free of cost on application.

In addition to live classes, Vedantu Recorded lectures, course materials, tests, assignments, and in-class doubts are also solvent.

You get complete study packages for each class and participate in all India mock tests to test your performance.

In addition to egular course, you can choose co-curriculars like Turbo Maths, Rocket Pro, Photography, Coding, Grammar and more.

Highlights of Vedantu Live Learning App

Free Live Classes get Premium Content .

School + Competitive Exam Courses Available .

Course Materials, In-class doubt solving.

Co-curricular Courses.

3. Udemy Video Courses

Udemy There is an online learning platform with video courses created by multiple field experts.

Learning here is not like a school curriculum. You range from coding and data science Can choose over 2,000 different topics including marketing, Photoshop, Yoga and more.

There are free and paid courses on business, development and programming, IT and software, office productivity, personal development, designing, lifestyle, photography, health and fitness, music and WhatsApp. So if you’re in skill development, Udemy A great way.

Udemy Video Courses the main thing of

Free & Paid Courses on over 2,000 topics

Programming and Coding

Skill Development, Entrepreneurship, etc.

4. Unacademy Learning App

Coronavirus: Unacademy to offer free classes for UPSC, banking, railways till March 31

Friends, The next best online learning app that’s from India is Unacademy Learning App, you may have heard of the app as it is one of the best apps for competitive exams.

Unacademy includes other things from UPSC to JEE, NEET, SSC and bank examinations.

The app helps you understand the concepts with daily live classes, exercises and revisions and live mock tests. Like BYJU, Unacademy is also paid, but there are also some free courses.

Unacademy Learning App the main thing of

The best platform for compeit examsive

You can also take live classes on this online platform.

5. Simplilearn

Simplilearn, Located in San Francisco, California and Bangalore. Online education in India is reaching new heights in the market |

Simpleilearn is a leading professional certification company and successfully ranks among the best e-learning companies in India.

It’s Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Digital Marketing, and Data Science. Offers online professional courses in disciplines such as.

These videos we have Praveen Dilliwala Taken from YouTube channel

Last Word

Friends, I explained you India’s 5 Best Online Learning Platform. In some of competition which you are taught about the preparation of competition exams and school subjects, many also provide you with professional courses. That too with many features

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