Interior Update: Giving a Traditional Home a Youthful Update


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Many Home today are still stuck in a traditional design. While there is no wrong with having a traditional house, but it is commendable to follow the trend of houses we have today so that you will receive many praises from your visitors and also you can live comfortably in a new and fresh house. Another thing, we don’t want to stay in a boring and dull house. We sure do want a versatile and interesting home. So, if you want to change the style of your house to a more modern appearance, refer to the following suggestions. These tasks can range from simple to complex (you can get help from professional architects and contractors at this time).

Here are some tips to give you an idea of how to make a traditional home makeover.

Step 1: Remove and clean everything up

The idea of a Modern home is less is more. The easiest way to modernize a traditional house is to demolish all old things inside the house, remove the unnecessary ones or get rid of them by throwing them if they’re not needed anymore such as wallpapers, old rugs, etc.  And then return some items to the room one at a time.

Step #2: Change the color

One of the most eye-catching ways to modernize a traditional home is to change the colour of the whole house and house objects. Remove dark colours and choose bold shades and grey tones. You can even whiten everything to get a clean aesthetic. Then, add black and white splashes for contrast. Remember that the appropriate colour palette depends on your preferences, furniture, artwork, etc.

Step #3: Update your Lighting

For pendants, chandeliers, ceiling or wall-mounted lamps, use Omni-directional lighting.

Avoid using conventional downlights. And choose light fittings and lampshade that allows most of the light to pass through so that a lower power lamp can be used.

Lighting is like the jewel in the house. If your traditional lighting equipment has a better era, please change it to more modern lighting equipment. On the other hand, if your lamp or light is well-shaped but a bit boring, consider painting it to make it modern.

Step #4: Replace traditional windows

Convert single-glazed, aluminium-framed windows into energy-saving double-glazed windows

For a modern twist, use shop-style aluminium insulated glass windows that are as large as the walls.

Furthermore, modern houses have different design methods, but in most cases, horizontal sliding windows are appropriate. Another popular way of working is sun blinds, which are usually placed under large windows to bring in the subtle fresh air. You consider it from this perspective. It is an interior design that has become popular in recent years.

Step #5: Get the right furniture

Modern furniture design is simpler. They have many attractive and practical functions, such as the function simple decoration with adjustable quality and emphasizing the value of shape and neatness.

In addition, since modern furniture uses neutral colours or tones, it can be easily mixed with various interior designs. With all these features, it is easy to understand why many people who buy furniture choose modern designs.

Step #6: Add decorative cushions for your chairs

If you have any decorations on your pillows, such as tassels, consider modernizing the house by removing them and replacing them with more streamlined cushions. Instead, replace ordinary floral, plaid and dot fabrics with solid colours and eye-catching graphic prints. If you are using plain weave fabric, please choose a fabric with a texture you are interested in.

Step #7: Give extra space to your Living Room

Without increasing the external dimensions of the house, one of the best ways is to introduce more sunlight into the room. Increase the size of an existing window or place it near a vertical wall or ceiling, and make its surface act as a huge sunlight reflector. It also creates an opening between the rooms, so you can see more sunlight from one room to another.

A modern house is urged to emphasize the geometry of the space by simplifying the space, materials and furniture. Most importantly, you have the comfortable and soft retreat you want. If you are ready to update and simplify your house, we will be happy to help you and guide you through the process. Check for more interior tips

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