Is Drupal Good For Building Big Websites? Complete Guide


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It is a widely known fact that Drupal is counted amongst the top three most preferred content management systems in the world. Well, this position is rightly justified as Drupal is one of the most powerful and robust solutions for website development as it has a wide range of modules that provide brilliant functionalities. Speaking of its variety of modules, you would be pleased to know that it comes with tons of free and paid features and functionalities. This is the reason why Drupal has been chosen as the best option for large websites that are generally content-heavy and are subjected to high-traffic.  However, it requires the help of professionals to utilize the kind of variety that Drupal comes with and this is why most businesses prefer to invest in good Drupal development services. There are way too many reasons why Drupal is widely preferred to build large websites whether it is the range of advantages and features & functionalities that it provides. So, to give a clear overview, let us discuss all factors that make Drupal sufficient for building big websites. 

Is Drupal Good For Building Big Websites? Complete Guide

Flexible and Extensive Modules 

The first and most important factor that makes Drupal capable enough to build big websites is that the Drupal framework provides multiple modules that serve different tasks. Some of these modules are ShareThis that is for social media integration, CAPTCHA for multiple tasks, Google Analytics module for metadata analysis, and many more. These modules are considered mandatory for the development of complex and content-heavy websites. On a whole, these modules make sure that whatever version of Drupal that you are using, must be modified and tailored specifically for your project requirements. Apart from that an enormous variety of modules, Drupal also helps you to save a lot of time and effort due to being open-source CMS at its core. 

Free and Open-Source 

Another factor is that Drupal is a free and open-source content management system which we have already mentioned in the previous section. So, since you are well aware of the kind of modules it provides, now is the time to know that most of these modules are free to use because Drupal is an open-source CMS platform. This is the reason it facilitates the degree of accessibility that contributes to its active community because of which Drupal is growing bigger and wider day by day. So, it’s like a cycle where one comes up with helpful solutions and the other creates wonderful websites with the help of these solutions. So, in this manner, the Drupal community is active and regularly updated to make it relevant and helpful in the long run. Therefore, each and every part of the framework is thoroughly tested and patched to make it bug-free. 

Reliable Security Guarantee 

Now comes the turn for the most sung and known factor because of which Drupal is famous for and that factor is the kind of security that Drupal provides. This is why Drupal is popular for the security of the websites that it supports. This is because it is regularly checked and updated which reduces the chances of even minimal hacking or cyber-attacks. Another major reason is its community support as this guarantees the website security to the core. Since it has such a large community that is well-versed and attentive, so even if any sort of vulnerability is seen, they immediately work and test on it to fix it to their best potential. Hence, Drupal because of its security benefits, is known as the best option for big sites as those sites generally deal with many visitors.

Great Database Support 

Lastly, As we all know that Drupal has a long history and it is suitable for building big websites because of its great and advanced database support that it provides. You must be well aware that most big websites require extended database capabilities like that of any news or media website that runs on an organized collection of content. Also, big sites have to have the capability to work efficiently for maintaining multiple tabs each serving different projects. Here comes the Drupal easy-database-incorporation into play as it facilitates the organizing and managing the options more efficiently by making them easy to use. 

Summing up, these are the factors that make Drupal the best choice for building big sites. But do you know what can make the entire process even better for you? Well, indeed a helping hand from professionals. Auxesis Infotech is all set to help you as it is known as one of the top Drupal development companies having expertise in all sorts of Drupal solutions over the past successful years. With the help of our dedicated team of professionals and our knowledge of the market, it has managed to cater to numerous clients with the best results.


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