Is it true that major money funds such as BlackRock and Fidelity ‘inflicted’ ESG on American investors, as states like Texas move to ban these practices? Elon Musk claims that the public is being deceived to

Anjali Jain
‘The public is being lied to’: Elon Musk on ESG

Millions of Americans are delighted to entrust a professional with the management of their portfolios.
And although asset managers ought to achieve greater success in investing independently than the average American, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is concerned that they do not consistently act in the best interests of individual investors, particularly with regard to advancing an Environmental, Social, and Governance policy.
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    “We don’t essentially do some sort of bizarre, rebranded communism thing,” he said during a 2023 discussion with Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on X Spaces. “Much like what ESG is, it’s being imposed upon corporate America without the knowledge of the actual shareholders.”
    Despite Elon Musk’s extensive track record of endorsing environmental initiatives and the fact that his automobile manufacturer, Tesla, is a prevalent ESG investment, that does not imply his agreement with the influence of investment industry titans.
    Elon Musk’s X was remunerated by terrorist organizations.
    “The public is being deceived…” Furthermore, I shall specify: BlackRock, Fidelity… “I am certain that you should inform your customers that your decisions are not optimal in terms of shareholder value, as this is precisely what is occurring,” he continued.
    To be true, Musk is not the only party who has these concerns. Due to their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies, which include “boycotting” the fossil fuel industry and “discriminating” against the firearms industry, Texas Republicans have made headlines for “blocking” the participation of certain financial corporations in a $20 billion municipal bond transaction. Additionally, the state has enacted several measures to prohibit global financial institutions and insurance companies from imposing ESG regulations. The reason Musk hypothesizes that it could become litigious is as follows.
    Musk anticipates a “massive class-action lawsuit.”
    When evaluating investment strategies, major asset managers are progressively incorporating ESG factors into their assessments.
    As one example, BlackRock prioritizes the integration of climate change impacts into investment decision-making processes and provides an extensive portfolio of ESG-focused funds. Offering both index and actively managed ESG funds, Vanguard has established measurable corporate objectives for carbon emission reduction. In the same way, Fidelity incorporates ESG factors into their investment methodologies and provides an assortment of products that prioritize ESG concerns.
    Global asset managers are anticipated to increase the value of ESG-related assets under their supervision to $33.9 trillion by 2026, per PwC projections.
    Furthermore, asset managers who hold board positions in the companies in which they invest may ultimately have an impact on corporate decisions.
    Musk foresees possible complications stemming from the growing emphasis on ESG principles.
    “The large firms that you hear, Vanguard, BlackRock, they’re setting themselves up for an order-of-magnitude the largest class-action lawsuit in the history of class-action lawsuits,” he told Ramaswamy. “They’re not maximizing shareholder value and are breaching the agreement with their customers.”
    An industry that is “congenial to corruption.”
    Elon Musk is preoccupied with the fiduciary responsibilities that asset managers owe to their clients. Nevertheless, as Ramaswamy notes, a significant number of these purported clients are merely intermediaries.
    “The issue is that the individuals providing the funds are not even contributing their personal funds,” he explained to Musk. “Those entities are either pension funds or nationwide intermediaries, such as investment advisers.”
    The complexity of the relationship between asset managers and capital proprietors was emphasized by Ramaswamy. Although asset managers may assert transparency with investors who remain investors, these investors are not the true proprietors of the capital, he noted.
    He argued that this differentiation might introduce complexity into a prospective class-action litigation in the event that Musk’s hypothesis is validated.
    “The initial epicenter of the lawsuit surge will likely be the BlackRocks, Vanguards, and State Streets of the globe.” Ramaswamy elaborated, “They intend to bring it to attention by stating, ‘No, we did not disclose it, and our clients still sent the money.’ However, their clients were money managers for others.”
    Ramaswamy argues that the issue at hand originates from the fundamental architecture of the financial industry.
    He remarked, “This is the result of an industry that is so intermediated that the waterfall itself has so many layers that it is actually ripe for corruption.”
    Musk expressed agreement, remarking, “The typical investor is being deceived.”
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