Many women ask themselves whether you can already tell from the character of a man whether he is prone to cheating or is more of the loyal type. Basically, cheating is more of an act that happens in the affect, that is, arises out of a certain situation. Still, there are guys who cheat on their girlfriend more often than others. Often this doesn’t even have to do with the fact that they don’t love their partner, but simply have problems being faithful.

If a man is very extroverted by nature and can only be found at parties with women, this could be an indication that he is having difficulties in monogamous relationships. If he is a real charmer, he is usually well aware of this and often has difficulties limiting himself to just one woman when he could have all of them. In addition, a long-term relationship requires a lot of work and discipline. If the partner is very consistent in his actions, this also indicates an increased ability to bond and loyalty.
Some people are very volatile, one day they like something else the next. So if a man has constantly changing hobbies, his enthusiasm for you could one day fizzle out because he has seen a lady elsewhere who he also likes very much. With such a guy you can ask yourself the question: is he loyal? Of course you can never be sure, even the most stable, calmest man can commit an affair at one point or another.

Nevertheless, one should not see black and drive one’s friend to cheat through extreme jealousy attacks. You shouldn’t run away from the character type described above just because you’re afraid of being cheated on. If love really lasts, you will be able to tame the stallion.

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