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Share post: is the latest website for the World Pitmasters Cup. It is an event where individuals from all over the world compete and bet on their favourite roosters.

Although the Wpit18 website appears to be reliable, it contains roosters fighting, which can cause death or serious injury. The majority of governments around the world have banned these kinds of gatherings.

It’s strange to think that it’s still common in some parts of the world. According to Reviews, some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and animal rights organizations (AROs) have expressed opposition to the organization of such events.

Some people enjoy watching such events, and some of them participate in this game on the website. They make money by placing bets on animals. These types of games, on the other hand, have been banned all across the world.

Most countries have banned this culture. So people have to play different games. Anyone who participates in these activities and places bets may be subject to legal outcomes. Wpit18 Com Registration has become a popular chase as a result of this. If you are one of the internet users who came across this advertisement and are looking for further information about Wpit18, you are at the correct place.

What is

There are several games played worldwide, and people participate in them because they hold the required skills. But what about those games in which animals are involved? You will be surprised to see the following information from

Players may witness live fights between the roosters on, an online platform that has been around since 2007. The animal fight lasts approximately 4-5 minutes, and the rooster who survives the battle is announced the game’s winner.

Animal and bird battles, in which animals and birds fight to kill and hurt one another only for entertainment purposes, have been banned in most countries. Strangely, they are still plentiful in some locations, which is surprising to discover.

In addition to organizing rooster contests, also encourages players to bring their best roosters to compete. Hundreds of people from a variety of countries have taken part in this show. Legit

Individuals can even play this game for free by logging onto the website and entering their email addresses and any other information required on the site to play. Most nations have prevented this game. So people have to play other sports. As soon as we submit our knowledge, we are registered and can begin playing as soon as we receive approval. However, to participate in the game, one must have at least one hundred points.

Pros of

  • A good source of entertainment
  • A completely free site for online gaming

Cons of

  • Contains animal cruelty
  • It is immoral to murder and hurt animals for the sake of excitement.
  • It is a kind of betting.


Globally, people are aware of their rights and those of small animals and birds. Most countries have banned this culture. So people have to play other games. allows anyone to sign up for free and play for cash and prizes. One more offensive side to this sports event is that anyone can be added to this. You can visit Blogjunta write for us guest post page if you have anything to share with us. I will advise you to be avoided from such animal violence games which promote cruelty.

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