The current models of the Jerome C. Rousseau brand, the sandals, peep-toes or ankle boots, impress in the usual way with their high heels. These shoes are not for the inexperienced, but whoever knows how to move gracefully on these pencil heels or wedges will do one thing above all: to attract attention! Jerome C. Rousseau is a brand in the higher-priced segment, which stands for good workmanship, for the use of first-class materials, of soft leather qualities and for their interesting details.

A particularly noteworthy example is the very daring peep-toe, which is sure to cause a sensation with its steel decorations attached to the heel, reminiscent of barbed wire. But the “Drama” mules in the tiger design are not exactly a model for wallflowers either. The shoes of this brand stand for exclusivity but also a penchant for sophistication.

The Savoye Croc ankle boot picks up on the models of the 1940s and reinterprets them, using high-quality crocodile leather and the currently popular wedge heel. The patterns in the “Woven” line are fragile structures that also redefine leather. These delicate patterns envelop the foot in a very special way and give it an exquisite look. With the models of the Jerome C. Rousseau brand, it is always about the claim that the wearer of the shoes has a right to comfortable, first-class but above all extravagant shoes. Not to drown in the crowd, but to make an “announcement” with the shoes, that is the constant motif in the current summer and autumn collection by Jerome C. Rousseau.

Another example of this claim is the Bizou Bloom model, a kind of dream formation of shoes, pumps, in which a delicate blossom sets the tone as a decoration. These shoes are definitely not suitable for a hike through the Harz Mountains – but they will suitably accompany a big performance in the opera or in a chic restaurant!

The reputation that Jerome C. Rousseau has as a manufacturer of extravagant shoe models for women is sure to become even stronger with the current collection. Helping the feet to have a slim, elegant line and the wearer a feeling of “floating above things”, that is the trademark of the shoes by Jerome C. Rousseau!


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