Sharjah is a city that is in the same agglomeration as the world-famous Dubai. Although it is not Dubai, life here is not a drop worse, and in some aspects even better than in the city next door. Sharjah is a vibrant and growing city that has changed beyond recognition and has grown several times over the past 20 years. This town is very profitable for living and work, so there are quite a few visiting workers. Vacancies here are popular as this city has certain advantages over neighboring cities. For example, the cost of living here is cheaper than in neighbouring Dubai, and the salary is the same. It’s also calmer here than in Dubai, because it’s not as popular as he is, and it’s calmer here.

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Work in Sharjah

The jobs in Sharjah doesn’t have special requirements, basic requirements for those who want to work in Sharjah are the same as almost everywhere – English and work experience in the necessary field are obligatory, but there are also vacancies for which experience is not necessary, and the employer teaches the employee and gives him first experience in the work. Similarly, for higher-paying jobs, the employee must have the necessary education. The most popular occupations are:

  • administrator 
  • bookkeeper 
  • barista
  • driver 
  • maid 
  • cashier  
  • marketer 
  • mechanic
  • nanny  
  • waiter  
  • guard  
  • seller  
  • handyman  
  • janitor  
  • physiotherapist
  • electrician

All these and many other vacancies can be found on the website where the current vacancies in Sharjah are provided. Also available on this site are contacts of specialists who will help you with the selection of work and will advise you on all questions that you will have. Wages are very high. They’re much higher than average wages in most regions of the world. The smallest salaries are for ordinary workers. But with increasing demand for the profession, the level of qualification and experience of the employee, the salary will be higher and higher. For example, a driver who works in Sharjah can earn from 8,600 AED per month, which amounts to $2,350 and is a very good salary. That’s the way it is with all the vacancies.

Life in Sharjah

Working at Sharjah is not just an ordinary job. Working here is also about getting to know a new country, a new people, a new culture and new people. While you work here you can meet people from all over the world, so you won’t be bored. Also close to Sharjah is Dubai, where millions of tourists visit each year, and you will have the opportunity to go there and enjoy your stay almost every day if you wish. Sharjah has a much cheaper place to live, and if your employer doesn’t provide you with a place to live, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on it. But on our site you can find vacancies where the employer gives the employee accommodation. It is also recommended to have health insurance here, as medicine here is quite expensive. Sharjah is a beautiful city and a great opportunity to try work in another country, and it can be a wonderful experience, so don’t miss your opportunity to make your life more interesting and better.

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