Key figures regarding Biden’s border dilemma

Anjali Jain
Some important numbers on Biden’s border problem

In light of the fact that Republicans have unsuccessfully attempted to use illegal immigration as a political advantage in three consecutive elections, the issue is more prominent than ever before in President Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign due to a genuine border crisis. 7 out of 10 Americans disapprove of his management of this policy issue, according to polls, making it his worst.
However, Republicans who have placed an excessive amount of stock in this issue have previously been wounded. In addition, recent polling adds much-needed nuance to the current state of this issue.
Simply put, this represents a substantial dilemma for Biden. However, it is less certain that a substantial number of potentially deciding electors a) directly attribute the crisis to his policies or b) perceive it as personally affecting them.

Similar to other surveys, the AP-NORC poll reveals Biden’s overwhelming disapproval on this issue. Biden is opposed by over two-thirds of Americans in regards to immigration (68 percent) and border security (69 percent). With regard to the former, only 56% of Biden’s Democratic colleagues and 20% of independents express their support.
No president desires to see such figures regarding this or any other matter. And the fact that presidents rarely encounter such dismal figures serves to emphasize the severity of the issue.
However, the pollster presented an insightful response to the query of actual impact. It inquired not only as to whether individuals disapproved of Biden, but also to what extent they attributed the border crisis to him and other entities.

The findings:
• A mere 48 percent of respondents deemed Biden “very responsible” for the situation at the border, whereas 68 percent expressed disapproval of his approach to immigration. This figure stands in contrast to the 46 percent who attributed the problem to congressional Democrats and the 41 percent who attributed it to congressional Republicans.Even lower is the proportion of independents who believe Biden to be extremely accountable: 45%.
• Individuals rated him “extremely” responsible to the following extent: 33% in general and 32% among independents.
Such are the results of a recent Yahoo News/YouGov survey. It revealed that although 57 percent of Americans disapproved of Biden’s stance on immigration, only 40 percent held him primarily accountable for the crisis at the border. An additional 22 percent assigned him fault.

The extent to which responsibility may be shifted to congressional Republicans in light of their recent defeat of a relatively stringent border security measure remains uncertain. However, polls indicate that Americans strongly supported the measure and place greater responsibility on Republicans than Democrats. This is a recurring theme in Biden’s political discourse, which was evident in his State of the Union address. And roughly as many respondents as Biden (66 percent) assigned Congress at least “some” responsibility in the AP-NORC survey.
How significant this issue is to the electorate is an additional crucial concern. In this regard as well, the AP-NORC poll offers crucial context.
The survey reveals that while 62% of Americans believe immigrants have had a significant impact on the nation as a whole, only 29% believe immigrants have had a significant impact on their own communities.
This phenomenon is frequently observed in polls concerning the economy and crime: respondents perceiving a particular matter as a significant national problem or concern without necessarily attributing it to their personal circumstances.

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This does not imply that electors will disregard such matters; rather, they may cast their ballots regarding national concerns or express apprehension regarding the potential transformation of this pervasive national issue into their own predicament. However, an issue will become considerably more significant in your mind if you perceive it to have an imminent consequence for you.
However, that does not mean Biden is entirely exonerated. However, recent elections have demonstrated that it is contingent upon one’s priorities and degree.

However, if this constitutes a significant and imminent apprehension for voters, its periphery is glaringly Republican. And it is in no way even close.
Respondents to a recent CBS News/YouGov survey were asked what they believed would occur with border crossers should Biden or Trump be elected president. A survey of Americans revealed that between 50% and 22% anticipated an increase in border crossings following Biden’s victory, as opposed to a decrease. Had Trump prevailed? The opposite sentiment was observed, with 72% of Americans believing that border crossings would decrease, compared to only 9% who believed the opposite.

Put simply, Republicans will likely devote the following seven months to ensuring that the public fears and cares about this issue. Yet again. Their potential for success is the pivotal inquiry.

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